‘Teen Mom’ Baby Daddy Will Not Appear in New Season

Screenshot Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

Most of the “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” stars will return for the new season… most.

The preview for the new season was released on June 11 on the show’s Instagram page. The caption read: “Because our moms are stronger when they stick together. 💪 🥰 Teen Mom: #YoungAndPregnant is back Tuesday, June 28th at 9/8c on @mtv!”

After the promo’s release, cast member Kayla Sessler took to her Instagram Stories to answer questions about the new season, according to The Sun.

When a fan asked if Sessler’s first baby daddy, Stephan Alexander, would be appearing along with his family in the new season, Sessler replied, “No.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Drama Between Two Families

On the September 2021 episode of “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant,” a confrontation took place between Sessler and Alexander’s mom, Annette.

The interaction became physical when Sessler asked Annette why she didn’t send her Izaiah a birthday present. Annette responded it was because she wasn’t invited to the birthday party.

At that point, Annette attempted to get physical with Sessler by lunging at Sessler and security had to intervene.

After the tension was diffused, Sessler called Alexander and explained the situation, and Alexander rushed home to attempt to make peace. However, Sessler was clearly upset from the altercation and told Alexander that neither he nor his mom would ever see Izaiah again. She walked away saying, “Hit me then. I’m not going to hit a grown a** woman and go and get in trouble, f**k that.”

Sessler Accused Alexander of Not Paying Enough in Child Support

The drama between Sessler and Alexander has been constant throughout much of their co-parenting relationship.

According to The Sun, in April 2018, Alexander was ordered to pay $40 each month until June 2036. However, in January 2021, Sessler posted a photo of a recent child support check from Alexander in the amount of $11.07, per The Sun.

Sessler posted the check on her Instagram Story, stating, “So I just got my child support check in the mail, and this is for how much.”

She continued, “This is not a joke. This is real life.”

In a fan Q&A on Instagram, per The Sun, Sessler was asked, “Did the deadbeat dad pop back about to get a [check] since y’all filmed he should not be allowed 2 get a [check]?”

Sessler replied, “Of course he tried to pop up. Didn’t send me a single text to check up on ‘his son’ but he sure texted production.”

In January, Sessler once again touched on the subject of Alexander in an Instagram Q&A. According to The Sun, a fan asked why Alexander hadn’t appeared on “Teen Mom” for some time.

Sessler replied, “He hasn’t seen Izaiah since he was one so he shouldn’t be able to be on it and collect a check.”

When another fan asked when the last time Alexander and his son had time together, she replied, “Remember the scene last season where I took Izaiah to the park to meet Stephan? Yeah, that was the last time. I was still pregnant with Ariah and Zay was only one.”

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