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MTV This 'Teen Mom' star is speaking up.

The mother of “Teen Mom 2” star Ashley Jones is speaking up about the drama surrounding Cheyenne Floyd and Mackenzie McKee.

In an Instagram story uploaded on October 23, 2021, Jones’ mother, Tasheilia Chapple wrote, “Stop calling Black women angry because you can’t handle the heat or understand the energy. It’s rude, it’s not true. It’s like saying, ‘weak white women.’ So just stop saying it and get it out of your vocabulary.”

Instagram/realtalkteacTasheilia Chapple’s Instagram post.

She then reposted the tweet from her professional baking account, adding, “One thing I will never get over is how the #teenmom cast and fan base can be the R word at heart. I would be surprised but many of us been dealing with this all our lives Time to change this narrative.”

Instagram/realtalkteacTasheilia Chapple’s Instagram post.

On October 24, 2021, Chapple uploaded another story, which can be seen below.

Instagram/realtalkteacTasheilia Chapple’s Instagram post.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Happened Between Cheyenne Floyd & Mackenzie McKee?

Teen Mom OG Star Mackenzie McKee Speaks Out on Reunion Show Drama with Co-Star Cheyenne FloydMackenzie McKee gives her side of the story, explaining what went down on the recent #teenmomog reunion. Cheyenne and Mackenzie have been at odds since last year.2021-10-23T04:44:39Z

The drama between Floyd and McKee dates back months.

In April, McKee apologized for previously using a racial slur during one of the show’s reunion specials. As reported by The Sun, McKee called vice president Kamala Harris “colored,” despite the fact that she is of Jamaican and Indian descent.

Then, on October 22, 2021, McKee posted a YouTube video (seen above) addressing the drama from her point of view. In the video, she said, “There’s a lot of unnecessary drama that I’m confused about online. With all the messages I’m getting I’m just going to tell my side of the story as gracefully as possible. The reunion just happened in L.A. and I am on ‘Teen Mom OG’ and many of you know that I made a mistake that I said sorry about that I was so unaware about.”

McKee continued, “I was extremely sorry about [it] and I wish more than anything that I wouldn’t have brought one of the girls — Cheyenne — into it because it wasn’t her mistake and she shouldn’t have had to carry that burden on her shoulders. I really just wanted to have that conversation with her and we did have a really good conversation and for some reason, it turned south.”

The latest drama surfaced when McKee said she told Floyd “I love you” six times, but Floyd didn’t say it back.

In a since-deleted video on Instagram, as highlighted in a previous Heavy article, McKee said, “I told you, ‘I loved you’ like six times and you haven’t said anything back. She laughed and that hurt. And I let things hurt me. I really do. And it’s hurt me a lot that she laughed at me.”

McKee Didn’t Attend the Reunion

According to The Sun, McKee was left out of the most recent “Teen Mom OG” reunion photos.

McKee subsequently deleted her Instagram account, per The Sun. The outlet reported, “It appears she deleted it after responding to a fan who asked where she was in a promotional video for the ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion.”

In a Reddit thread titled, “Mack goes silent?” fans appeared to be split on McKee’s decision to delete her social media.

One person wrote, “Maybe deleting is what’s best for her mental health.”

Fans Support Tasheilia Chapple

@Teenmomshaderoom reposted Chapple’s Instagram story.

Fans then weighed in on the matter, with a couple of followers slamming MTV for their involvement in the drama.

One person wrote, “Fire the whole cast- MacKenzie for her comments, Ryan for his drug use while driving, Cheyenne for her old tweets, amber for coming at someone with a machete, jade for her incredibly toxic/dangerous relationship… this show is DONE. They aren’t teens anymore. Move over & let the young and pregnant girls have their chance. MTV needs to do better.”

Another seconded those sentiments, writing, “She’s not wrong, mtv needs to step up, and hold little miss doormat accountable.”

A number of fans expressed support for Chapple’s statement, writing, “She’s absolutely right.”

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