Taylor McKinney Blasts Ryan Edwards’ Dad at Reunion

Taylor McKinney

MTV It's the moment "Teen Mom OG" fans have been waiting for.

It’s the moment “Teen Mom OG” fans have been waiting for. Following an explosive appearance at the season nine reunion, the Edwards family — Ryan, Mackenzie, Larry and Jen — was fired from the series after more than 10 years with MTV.

The incident has been talked about in recent weeks in various reports — like this one from Heavy — but when MTV dropped a teaser for the first half of the reunion on Tuesday, fans finally got an inside look at what went down between Maci Bookout’s husband, Taylor McKinney, and Ryan Edwards’ dad, Larry.

It has been rumored that Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie, refused to sit down with Maci and Taylor, but Jen and Larry were willing to talk with them. As most fans already know, it didn’t turn out well for them.

The teaser showed the couples sitting on the couch opposite each other. “You got something to say. Sit down here and say it,” Taylor, 32, said in the video that was released by MTV on Tuesday, April 13. Taylor was ready to air out his true feelings when it came to co-parenting 12-year-old Bentley during their contentious conversation with host Dr. Drew Pinsky.

“You’re a sorry son of a b****,” Taylor said at another point. “Excuse me?” Jen, 55, said, appearing to be in shock.

Taylor Accused Jen & Larry of Blaming Bentley

The April 13 clip was the second time viewers got a peek at what went down at the reunion, which was filmed in early February, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Previously, a segment leaked that showed Taylor calling out the Edwards family for their treatment of 12-year-old Bentley. “Ryan has never been there for him, but y’all put it on, Bentley!” Taylor told Larry, 65. Larry responded by lunging toward Taylor and saying, “You know what!” It looked like the men were about to get up to fight, but Maci and Jen held their husbands back.

News that the Edwardses were being fired from “Teen Mom OG” broke on March 24, with Larry, Ryan and Mackenzie later speaking out about their departures. Larry hasn’t said what he plans to do now that he won’t be on the show, but Ryan plans on building dune buggies and Mackenzie — who has been on a weight loss journey — created a fitness plan.

Mackenzie & Ryan Called Maci a ‘Petty B****’

Before the firings occurred, both Ryan and Mackenzie insulted Maci on “Teen Mom OG,” calling her a “petty b****.”

Mackenzie had been frustrated that Bentley might not attend half-brother Jagger’s second birthday party.

“I’m over it Ryan, I’m over it,” Mackenzie said. “I’m responsible for these kids’ emotions and their feelings and they don’t deserve that. It’s one thing to be a petty b****, like OK that’s fine. When you just start including my kids, that’s not okay with me.”

Though Maci typically doesn’t respond to Ryan and Mackenzie’s segments, she wasn’t about to sit this one out. “I really wanted to post some ‘petty b****’ (and hilarious) comments, but I’ll wait until they can tell me the definition of ‘petty’ without googling it and reading it aloud,” Maci, 29, tweeted on February 23.

Maci addressed the insult again in a March 16 tweet that said, “I’d rather be a petty b**** than a stupid one.”

To find out what happened at the reunion, don’t miss “Teen Mom OG” when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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