Taylor McKinney Apologizes for Ryan Edwards Reunion Blowup

Maci Bookout

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Taylor McKinney wanted to issue an apology after he lost his cool at the reunion, which aired in April.

“Teen Mom OG” star Taylor McKinney wanted to issue an apology after he lost his cool at the reunion, which aired in April. McKinney’s blowup was fueled because of Ryan Edwards, the ex-boyfriend of his wife, Maci Bookout. Bookout and Edwards share 12-year-old son Bentley together and McKinney feared Edwards’ parents — Jen and Larry Edwards — were being harder on Bentley than their adult son.

After things calmed down, McKinney wanted to apologize to his stepson, afraid he might have made things worse for Bentley with his paternal family.

McKinney arranged to pick Bentley up in his car so they could have a private conversation about the explosive tell-all. “We told you it didn’t go well, arguing with your [grandparents]. I was frustrated and not so much with them — well, a little bit with them — but being the man of our family I can only sit and take so much, like saying so much about my wife, your mom,” he told the 12-year-old in the premiere episode of “Teen Mom OG” season nine B.

Bentley silently listened to his stepfather. “However, I went in there with the intention that no matter what happened, I didn’t want to make things worse for you and I feel like I failed at that,” McKinney said. “I feel like the argument turned out to be a big blowup and that’s not what I wanted to go in there and do.”

Finally, McKinney offered his mea culpa. “Having said that, it shouldn’t change your relationship with them. You can still go see them if you want to,” he said. “That’s all up to you. But, as a man, I apologize because I feel like I could have probably handled it better. You know I love you, I got your back no matter what, always will.”

Ryan Edwards Didn’t Attend the Reunion

McKinney’s ire might have been at Ryan Edwards, but he admitted to taking it out on his parents — the only ones from the Edwards family who attended the reunion.

“You’re a sorry son of a b****,” McKinney told Larry Edwards. “Ryan has never been there for him, but y’all put it on, Bentley!”

The segment ended with both men lunging at each other and McKinney walking away.

Ryan Edwards Is Slated to Appear in Season 9B

Even though Ryan Edwards, his parents and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, were fired from “Teen Mom OG,” in March, the family will make appearances in the new season.

A teaser for the new season showed Bookout asking her McKinney if he would be open to working on having a relationship with her ex. The camera panned away before he gave an answer.

The next scene cut to Edwards talking to his wife. “I just have so much dislike for both of them,” the father-of-three told Standifer.

Edwards blamed Bookout for his family getting fired from the MTV series, telling The Sun his ex wants to be in control of the storyline. “Maci is in fear that my mom and dad will start telling the truth,” he told the publication. “She will always fight to have us off the show.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom OG” when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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