Taylor Selfridge Asks Fans For Advice After Family Aquarium Trip

Taylor Selfridge is reaching out for advice

MTV\'s Teen Mom / YouTube Taylor Selfridge is reaching out for advice

The holidays are the perfect time to connect and enjoy time spent with one’s family, and that’s just what “Teen Mom OG” stars Taylor Selfridge and her boyfriend Cory Wharton did when they took their daughters to the aquarium in an “adorable” new Instagram post. The two are also known for their appearances on “The Challenge” and “Ex On The Beach”.

“Mayas little teeth peeking 🦷 She loved the aquarium! 🤍” Selfridge captioned the post, which included multiple photos of her and Wharton’s daughter, Maya, who was born in June of this year. Selfridge’s Instagram story featured more photos from her and Wharton’s trip to the aquarium with Wharton and fellow “Teen Mom OG” star Cheyenne Floyd’s daughter, Ryder, and Wharton and Selfridge’s daughters, Mila and Maya. They saw fish, danced with seals, and got their faces painted.

See Selfridge’s post below, where she asks fans for health advice for her daughter Maya, who in addition to multiple recent surgeries to repair a heart defect, is dealing with eczema.

Taylor Selfridge Asks Fans For Health Advice

Fans loved Taylor Selfridge’s baby photos from the aquarium, calling the teething baby Maya “adorable”, but they weren’t only sending love in the comments section.

Selfridge wrote in a comment, letting fans know, “Also, I will take recommendations for eczema treatments! Right now we use aveeno night balm, lotion & bath soak. It works but not completely,” and fans were quick to offer Selfridge some tips.

“Tubby Todd all over ointment! It’s amazing for eczema, we use this for my son!” one fan wrote.

“You can grind up oatmeal real fine and put it in a sock or cheese cloth. Let it soak in the bathtub when you run her a bath. Its very moisturizing my daughter would come out moisturized even before I put any lotion on her,” another fan shared.

“We use aquaphor! We slather him up like a butterball Turkey 😂 how is maya doing? I hope you are all doing well!” a third fan wrote, wishing Selfridge’s youngest daughter well amidst her ongoing health journey.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that most cases of baby eczema clear up by ages 4 or 5, though they can last into adulthood.

Cory Wharton Turned Into Santa Recently

Taylor Selfridge’s boyfriend Cory Wharton is ringing in the holidays in a very unique way. In a recent Instagram post to promote the upcoming Christmas action movie “Violent Night”, Wharton enlists in Santa’s Bootcamp, which has him putting on a full Santa suit and fake facial hair, learning some of the stunts from the film with its stunt coordinator Jonathan Eusebio, and battling mercenaries

“[I’m] here to find out if I have what it takes to become a Santa Claus worthy to be in the new movie ‘Violent Night’,” Wharton says in the clip.

Fans agree that “The Challenge” star would be a worthy enough Santa Claus, with one fan commenting, “Absolutely fantastic, hope to see you in some action movies in the near future✌🏽🤛🏽”.

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