VIDEO: Fans Suspect Taylor Selfridge Is Returning to ‘Teen Mom’

Taylor Selfridge

MTV Fans suspected Cory Wharton's girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, might be returning to "Teen Mom OG."

Fans suspected Cory Wharton’s girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, might be returning to “Teen Mom OG.” She was shown painting pumpkins with cameras around in posts shared to Wharton’s Instagram account.

Selfridge was fired by MTV in June 2020 over “past racist” tweets from 2012, which she had apologized for during season eight of “Teen Mom OG” in 2018.

“Looks like Taylor is back filming TMOG,” an original poster wrote via Reddit. 

The video showed Selfridge sitting at a table with Wharton’s two daughters: 4-year-old Ryder from his past relationship with ex Cheyenne Wharton, and 1-year-old Mila Mae, who he shares with Selfridge.

Some commenters said they liked the way Wharton included the production crew in his footage.

“HEY MTV you know what I wanna see? I want to see more like this, more behind the scenes, I want a bodycam on the reality stars so we see what from their perspective what it’s like to scream at your baby daddy with a camera crew around,” they said. “Please. Thanks.”

Unlike the original poster, not everyone on Reddit was convinced that Selfridge and Mila would be included in the footage MTV filmed.

“They’ll definitely edit her out. they’re there for the corey/ryder footage,” one person wrote.

“Maybe they’re going to blur her face out like they do Coke can labels,” another social media user joked.

“They’re probably just going to edit her out,” a third person agreed.

When MTV fired Selfridge in June 2020, the network said they were taking a stand against systemic racism.

“MTV pulled Teen Mom OG At Home: Cory & Taylor’s Baby Special from its Tuesday schedule and is ending our relationship with Taylor Selfridge in light of her past racist statements on social media,” an MTV spokesperson told Heavy. “MTV strongly condemns systemic racism and stands with those raising their voices against injustice.”

What Did Selfridge Say in the Past?

Selfridge and Wharton had planned to show Mila’s birth journey in a special for MTV on June 9, 2020, but it was cut last-minute.

She had tweeted things like “We have to greet everyone at work but sometimes I won’t greet the Black people because they scare me” and, “My uncle is dating an Asian. Aunt Ping please make me sushi.”

Other messages on Twitter said things like, “I hate it when white girls talk like they’re black,” and “Black p**** is probably really scary.”

Selfridge Apologized to Cheyenne Floyd

When Selfridges messages from 2012 first resurfaced in 2018, the former MTV star met with Floyd to address the situation.

Floyd had said she didn’t feel “comfortable” with Selfridge around her daughter, who is mixed. “I wouldn’t feel right as her mother… without addressing the elephant in the room,” she said.

Selfridge apologized to Floyd during season eight of “Teen Mom OG.”

“At the time, because I was younger, I wasn’t thinking it was anything negative. I thought ‘Oh, this is funny’ or something like that, but it’s not,” she said, per People. “This happened a long time ago.”

“That’s my biggest mistake,” Selfridge continued. “I just had to grow up, honestly. I had to experience other places.”

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