Taylor Selfridge ‘Traumatized’ as Baby Recovers From Surgery

Taylor Selfridge & Cory Wharton after Maya's first NICU visit

The Wharton Family / YouTube Taylor Selfridge & Cory Wharton after Maya's first NICU visit

Former “Teen Mom OG” cast member Taylor Selfridge has been in the hospital with her boyfriend Cory Wharton as the couple’s youngest daughter, Maya, has been recovering from open heart surgery. Some fans were starting to worry about the outcome after not receiving an update from the family, however last night, Sunday, January 15, Taylor Selfridge shared an update on how things are going in the hospital.

In an Instagram story, Taylor shared videos of Maya, smiling and playing with toys in her hospital bed, with wires and monitors still attached to her. A nasal cannula (clear tube to assist with airflow and oxygen levels) is taped in place in the 7-month-old’s nose with tape cut out in the shape of hearts.

“Still here 🥴 Maya had other plans for her recovery but she’s doing well now 🤍 Cory and I are traumatized but it’s fine 🙃 I’ll update on everything when we get out of here,” Selfridge wrote to followers, letting them know recovery wasn’t as smooth as they’d hoped, but the family is in a good place now.

In a second slide of the story, Selfridge shared that Maya got her first tooth while in the hospital, and in the final slide, shared another clip of Maya smiling directly into the camera, with the caption, “I told her if she would just stop setting off her alarms we could go home 😂”.

Maya Wharton Has Tricuspid Atresia

7-month-old Maya Wharton was diagnosed with tricuspid atresia shortly after birth which, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a congenital heart defect in which one valve in the heart is not fully formed, which can prevent proper blood flow in the heart, which can limit oxygen flow throughout the body. This condition is treatable with multiple surgeries, and the Mayo Clinic clarifies that the outcome is usually good for patients with this defect.

“Most babies with tricuspid atresia who have surgery live well into adulthood, though follow-up surgeries are often needed,” the Clinic writes.

Fans are very grateful to hear from Selfridge that baby Maya is on the road to recovery. One fan shared screenshots of her story to a “Teen Mom” page on Reddit, and many positive comments came flooding in.

“Mother of a heart baby here, prayers for baby. This sucks and it’s a lifelong thing. I have a 15 y/o with 4 OPH so far. I’m sure [Cory] and Taylor are changed people,” one user wrote.

“She’s so cute! I’m glad to see her looking better in these pics. Poor baby. There’s so much uncomfortableness with post surgery and that little tooth coming in was probably extra annoying for Maya. I’m really glad that it seems she’s making a turn around, I hope it continues upward.”

The post was also shared to a “Teen Mom” fan Instagram account, where the comments section is full of positive messages and calls to send prayers to Maya and her parents.

Cory Wharton’s Oldest Daughter Ryder Has a Rare Genetic Condition

In addition to his two daughters, Mila and Maya, with girlfriend Taylor Selfridge, Cory Wharton has one older daughter, Ryder, with his ex and “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star Cheyenne Floyd. 5-year-old Ryder was born with VLCAD, a rare genetic condition in which the body is unable to properly break down some fats into energy.

Although Ryder is doing well, Floyd has spoken openly about Ryder’s condition in the past, including days when she isn’t feeling so well. Floyd has gone on to say how nice it has been to connect with other parents facing similar issues. She has also spoken about opening a nonprofit to help those in similar situations as her own.

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