Teen Mom Fan-Favorite Chelsea Houska DeBoer Leaves

Chelsea Houska

Instagram/Chelsea Houska "Teen Mom" fan-favorite Chelsea Houska DeBoer is reportedly leaving the MTV series.

Teen Mom fan-favorite Chelsea Houska DeBoer is reportedly leaving the MTV series. The pregnant mother-of-three is exiting the series after 10 seasons on the reality show, an insider confirmed to E! News. Chelsea first joined the Teen Mom world in 2011 when she appeared on an episode of 16 and Pregnant. Her relationship with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind and how they co-parent their daughter Aubree has been a central storyline on the series.

Chelsea’s dad Randy Houska, who was a prominent figure on the early days of Teen Mom, seemed to confirm the news via Twitter. “Well kids, that’s a wrap. Been a fun run,” he wrote. “What’s next?”

“Seriously, tho, it has been a part of [Chelsea Houskas] entire adult life. We all expanded our horizons and grew as people #NoRegrets See ya all on the flip side,” Randy added.

Chelsea did not immediately issue a statement about her departure.

Don’t start missing Chelsea just yet. Her time with Teen Mom might be over, but she’s still interested in reality TV. In a previous interview with Heavy, the former MTV personality said she’d be interested in doing a spinoff series about remodeling houses. Cole added that it was “100%” be their “jam.”

They’ve been building their dream home and love the process. “We’re already looking around and thinking about flipping houses… I just feel like we don’t feel like we’re done after we build this house.” Chelsea said. “I want to keep going because it’s just been really fun for us.”

Since fans first met her, they’ve watched her fall in love with her husband Cole DeBoer and welcome two more children, 3-year-old Watson and 2-year-old Layne. Chelsea is currently pregnant with her fourth baby, another little girl, whose due date is in January.

Cole & Chelsea Have Battled Criticism

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While Chelsea and Cole have long been considered fan-favorites on Teen Mom, they started to encounter some backlash from fans this season. Chelsea was called out for her diaper bags being too expensive at the beginning of the month, and she was accused of exploiting daughter Aubree. 

Cole faced similar backlash after an episode of Teen Mom, where he said he wanted to be the “Dad” contact in Aubree’s new phone. Some fans remarked it wasn’t his place to try to replace Aubree’s biological father, Adam.

Cole wished the Linds weren’t even in Aubree’s life. “It makes me want to vomit. I don’t understand why they’re even around,” he said.

“I don’t like it when she gets that kind of stuff forced on her. If she wanted it, she would have asked for it,” Cole continued. “If she wanted to talk to him, she could talk to him! This is frustrating.”

Chelsea & Cole Are Working On Other Projects

While their time with Teen Mom seems like it’s over, Chelsea and Cole have their hearts set on other projects. Chelsea has been working on several fashion collaborations, as well as starting her own home goods line, called Aubree Says.

Another major passion of theirs has been building their dream home from the ground up. They’ve been documenting the process on its own Instagram account, called Down Home DeBoer.

They’ve enjoyed the journey, telling Heavy is brought them closer. “I’m trying to think of something we disagreed on,” she said. “I don’t think there’s was anything that a hard no for me and a yes for him. So I feel like I’m proud of us! We’ve been getting along and there have definitely been compromises along the way, but it hasn’t been too crazy.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom 2 when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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