Tyler Baltierra Explodes After Brandon & Teresa Refuse Visit With Carly

Tyler Baltierra Catelynn Lowell

MTV "Teen Mom" star Tyler Baltierra voiced his frustration after Brandon and Teresa Davis -- the couple who adopted their first child, Carly -- refused to meet up.

“Teen Mom” star Tyler Baltierra voiced his frustration after Brandon and Teresa Davis — the couple who adopted their first child, Carly — refused to meet up.

The “Teen Mom” stars have tried to maintain a relationship with Carly even though they relinquished their parental rights, but the Davis’ haven’t been as communicative as they would have liked. Baltierra and his partner, Catelynn Lowell, reached out to the Davis’ after their daughter, Nova, became upset one day that she wasn’t able to see Carly. She was confused about why her parents separated them.

On the November 1 episode of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” the couple met with their adoption counselor, Dawn Baker, who said they didn’t have anything to lose by asking. Lowell shot over a text to Teresa, who said her children’s schedules were too busy for a visit.

Baltierra recalled the adoption agreement they signed when they were 16. They agreed to a semi-open adoption, which meant they would receive pictures and letters of Carly. The contract also stated they could visit with Carly at the discretion of her adoptive parents.

Baltierra and Lowell then remembered that at the one-year meetup, the Davis’ told them they could get together annually. But that didn’t last, and now the Davis’ and the Baltierras have been getting together every two years.

After welcoming Carly in 2009, Baltierra and Lowell went on to have three daughters: 7-year-old Nova, 3-year-old Vaeda and 1-year-old Rya Rose.

In addition to Carly getting together with Nova, Lowell also wanted her firstborn daughter to meet Rya.

Baltierra Was Upset About the Contract He Signed at 16

Baltierra remembered when Baker showed them their adoption contract a few years ago, but Baltierra — now 30 — felt like the Davis’ took advantage of him.

“I was a minor not knowing half of what these words mean,” he said about the contract. “Yes, you’re right, I did sign that at 16. What the F is your point?”

Baltierra theorized that the Davis’ told Baker to remind the “Teen Mom” stars about what they signed.

“And I know that wasn’t Dawn,” he said. “I know that was Teresa and Brandon saying, ‘Hey, you might want to remind them now that they’re adults and gown up.”

Lowell had cried during that episode, saying she was “frustrated” over something she signed when she was a teenager.

Baltierra Said the Agreement Was ‘Bulls***’

As Baltierra continued to fume on the episode, he said it was “bulls***” that the contract he signed as a minor was being waved in his face.

“I’m gonna tell you something right now, if I ever get that paper thrown back in my face that I signed, I’m gonna flip,” he said. “Don’t you dare use my naive 16-year-old very vulnerable — very emotionally vulnerable — state of mind against me at the age of 26.”

Fans on Twitter had a mixed reaction to Tyler’s rant. While some people said the Davis’ were being “cold” others wondered if Carly didn’t want the visit because it might be too hard on her.

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