Tyler Baltierra Heartbroken Over ‘Unnecessary Trauma’

Tyler Nova Cate

MTV "Teen Mom" star Tyler Baltierra said he was heartbroken after learning that a pregnant woman whose child was "incompatible with life" at 23 weeks would have to travel to be induced

“Teen Mom” star Tyler Baltierra said he was heartbroken after learning that a pregnant woman whose child was “incompatible with life” at 23 weeks would have to travel to be induced because of Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court.

Chloe Patridge started a GoFundMe page to help pay for her travel and medical expenses. The fundraiser went viral, raising more than $20,000 from nearly 900 donations. Donations have since been disabled.

“I found out at 23 weeks my baby is incompatible with life. I asked my dr to induce me and he agreed. Unfortunately with the overturn of Roe v Wade that wasn’t able to happen,” Patridge explained on her GoFundMe page. “I was told I have to stay pregnant until my baby passes inside me or until she is born and passes.”

One of the people who shared the fundraiser was Baltierra.

“This is absolutely heartbreaking to me!” Baltierra started his post. “It’s only been a week since overturning Roe V Wade & look at the unnecessary trauma it’s causing already!”

“The bottom line is that the decision to choose if abortion is the right choice for anyone, should be between THEM & A DOCTOR of their choice!” he continued. “NOT some theocratic hypocritical dishonest judges!”

Baltierra vowed to fight for women’s rights.

“I feel so sad for this woman & the inevitable others that will have to face this type of unnecessary adversity in the future due to the Supreme Court’s attack on women’s reproductive rights,” he said. “To all the women out there & as a father of all girls, I promise you I will fight to the end for you to have your reproductive rights! I stand with you & I’m just so sorry that we even have to fight this in the first place.”

Baltierra Continued to Defend Patridge

Patridge’s Instagram post, which garnered more than 2.3 million likes, generated a conversation in the comments section, where some people accused her of spreading “misinformation.”

“PLEASE STOP discrediting this poor woman who now feels she has to PROVE that her trauma is real & DEFEND her reaction to that trauma,” he wrote via Instagram stories, per a screenshot shared by Teen Mom Things. “It’s despicably pathetic & cruel! She is already going through enough. Some of you people make me sick!”

Catelynn Lowell Baltierra also reached out to Patridge via social media.

“I’m so sorry our system has failed you and your baby… my heart breaks for you…. We won’t stop fighting for our rights!!!!” she said under Patridge’s post.

Lowell Is A Stark Proponent of Abortion Rights

Lowell and Baltierra have both become vocal pro-choice advocates since Roe v. Wade was reversed.

Lowell vowed to fight for abortion rights.

“We need to VOTE, we need to RALLY, we need to STAND UP!! I will FIGHT for my daughters right till I die! If you are not enraged there is a problem!!! Please PLEASE stand up and speak out!!!!” she wrote in one Instagram post.

Lowell revealed that her views have evolved since becoming a mother of four girls. When she first gave birth in 2009 — and placed her daughter, Carly, for adoption — she was a pro-life advocate but has since changed her mind.

“I believe it had a lot to do with me speaking around the world about my adoption and during that grieving period helped me blur my sadness.. fast forward to having Nova, then two more beautiful girls.. My views change,” she said. 

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