Tyler Baltierra Shows Off New Look in Transformation Photos

Tyler Baltierra

MTV "Teen Mom" star Tyler Baltierra showed off his body on Instagram.

“Teen Mom” star Tyler Baltierra showed off his body on Instagram, posting a before-and-after photo that showed his fitness journey.

Baltierra, 30, has been working with a personal trainer to lose fat and build muscle. The Michigan native predicted it could take him two years to reach his ultimate goal.

“This cut is coming along nicely & I’m still maintaining most of my strength in all my lifts! Huge shoutout to @torrez_jerry08 & @_alexis.jean for helping me & giving me advice along the way!” he wrote. “I still got some more body fat to shred until I’m ready to bulk again, but for right now, I’m pretty happy with my current results!”

“I’m thinking another 2 years of this same consistency & I’ll hopefully be looking close to my goal. All I know is I ain’t stoppin now…this is still just the beginning for me,” the MTV personality continued. “Let’s GO! 💪🏻😤 #FitnessJourney #BodyBuilding #EctomorphStruggles.”

Baltierra received praise on social media from his followers, but he didn’t garner any public support from his wife.

Baltierra garnered notoriety from his stints on MTV shows like “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom OG.”

He’s married to Catelynn Lowell, and the couple has four children together: 9-month-old Rya, 3-year-old Vaeda, and 7-year-old Nova.

They’re the biological parents of a daughter, 12-year-old Carly, whom they placed for adoption in 2009, as documented on their episode of “16 & Pregnant.”

Baltierra Said He’s Body Building The Natural Way

A fan suggested that Baltierra take body sculpting drugs, like clenbuterol or an illegal weight loss drug, but the “Teen Mom” star wasn’t interested.

“No way! I’m doing this all-natural,” Baltierra said. “I know it will take me a lot longer to get where I want to be without any SARMS, steroids or supplements but I’m determined!”

“Besides, I believe that if I can’t get the results I’m after without enhancements, then I’m not worthy of those results in the first place,” he added.

Baltierra Had a Vasectomy


Four children was enough for Baltierra and Lowell: The  MTV star had a vasectomy in May. Lowell said her husband “took one for the team” by getting the procedure.

Baltierra, however, commended his wife for carrying his four daughters.

“If ANYONE has taken one for the team it’s YOU! Your amazing body has carried & birthed 4 beautiful babies, all I had to do was get a shot & 2 snips! Once I figured out what the song was though, I was dyyyiiinngg lmao I love you!!! 😂💀” he wrote on Instagram.

Baltierra went a step further, saying men who refused to get the operation were cowards.

“But on another note…I’ve recently been seeing a lot of women saying that their significant others didn’t want to get one. This is WILD to me!” he said. “Any man who’s not willing to get a vasectomy so his wife doesn’t have to get her tubes tied is pathetic as hell & I’m sorry that you’re with such a selfish weak man…you deserve better!”

The Baltierras stayed true to a promise they made themselves, saying they didn’t want to have any more children once they turned 30 — their current ages.

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