Tyler Baltierra Sounds Off About His Family

Tyler and Catelynn

MTV "Teen Mom" star Tyler Baltierra shared a lengthy post on social media about his family.

“Teen Mom” star Tyler Baltierra took a moment to appreciate his family. The Michigan native posted a series of photos via Instagram where he gushed over his wife, Catelynn Lowell, and their three girls, 7-year-old Nova, 3-year-old Vaeda and 11-month-old Rya.

Baltierra, 30, said he was so grateful for the family he created.

“I LOVE MY LITTLE FAMILY SO MUCH!” he wrote at the beginning of the post.

“There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t catch myself, stopped dead in my tracks, just staring at all of their beautiful faces, while I have the biggest smile on my own, that I didn’t even realize was there, until I recognized what I was doing,” the MTV star penned.

“That’s how pure the happiness is that they all bring me,” he continued. “It’s so organically magical that it is impossible to describe in words or how it feels.”

The Baltierras placed their eldest child, 13-year-old Carly Davis, for adoption when they were 17. The process was documented in their “16 & Pregnant” episode in 2009.

Though they relinquished their parental rights, the Baltierras opted for a semi-open adoption, meaning they’re allowed to have limited contact with their birth daughter.

In recent years, the couple hasn’t been able to connect with Carly as much as they would like, with the last get-together leaving Baltierra in tears.

“When Ty and I chose a semi-open adoption at 16, I never realized how joyful and painful it would be,” Lowell explained during a 2021 episode of “Teen Mom.” “After Carly turned 4, the cameras weren’t allowed at our visits out of respect to her adoptive parents, but now I focus on the girls having a relationship as sisters.”

Baltierra Doesn’t Think He Deserves His Life

Toward the end of his post, Baltierra lamented that he didn’t deserve the life he was living.

“I just feel so blessed & honored to be the father of these angelic girls & to be the husband to such a gorgeous, strong nurturing woman,” he said. “I’m feeling super grateful today for this undeserving life I have received & I promise that I won’t ever take it for granted!”

Baltierra Has Been Working on His Fitness

Since “Teen Mom OG” was canceled — MTV combined “TMOG” and “Teen Mom 2” to create “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” — Baltierra has been focusing on bodybuilding.

Baltierra has been open about having an “ectomorph body,” meaning it’s hard for him to gain muscle.

“Slowly melting this fat off while maintaining the little bit of muscle mass that I’ve worked really hard to get & I swear every week my body is changing & I’m pumped about it!” he wrote in June.

“My whole life I hated my ectomorph body. I’ve always been known as “the scrawny dude” & I could never gain weight!” he continued. “I wouldn’t even take my shirt off because I always thought I looked sickly skinny & I hated my bony chest so much that I used to swim with my shirt on lol.”

Baltierra started his fitness journey in June 2020 and has posted several updates over the years.

“The Next Chapter” doesn’t have a release date yet.

It’s unclear if Baltierra and the other fathers will appear in the series.

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