PHOTO: Fans Almost ‘Didn’t Recognize’ Ryan Edwards’ Wife

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" alum Mackenzie Standifer Edwards looked different in a new picture posted to Instagram, according to some viewers.

“Teen Mom OG” alum Mackenzie Standifer Edwards — who is married to MTV personality Ryan Edwards — looked different in a new picture posted to Instagram, according to some viewers. Fans noticed the photo after Standifer revealed she was working out at a Hotworx gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“I joined @hotworkxchattanooga today!” she wrote on Instagram stories on November 29, 2021. “Come work out with me!”

The company, which is a 24-hour infrared fitness studio, shared a photo of Standifer at their gym. “Happy Monday Warriors and future warriors! 🔥 Everyone meet our newest HOTWORX Chattanooga Member Mackenzie @mackedwards95 she joined the burn off movement and you should too 🔥🧡,” they captioned the image. “We are so excited and can’t wait to work out with all of you after the new year!”

Standifer shared a post from “Hot Exercise” author Stephan P. Smith, which talked about how Hotworx affects mental function. “Isometric exercise, combined with infrared, which places emphasis on proper breathing and the connection of physical performance and mental awareness, may product [sic] similar brain enchanting results,” the quote reads.

Standifer, 24, and Edwards, 33, have two children together: 3-year-old Jagger and 1-year-old Stella. They also have children from previous relationships. Edwards shares 13-year-old son Bentley with “Teen Mom OG” star Maci Bookout, and Standifer is the mother to 6-year-old son Hudson, from her first marriage to Zachary Stephens.

Fans Didn’t Recognize Standifer in the Photo

Some fans were surprised by the way Standifer looked in the photo shared by Hotworx, with some people saying the former “Teen Mom OG” star looked completely different.

“Almost didn’t recognize Mack,” said an original poster who shared a screenshot of Hotworx’s update to the “Teen Mom” subreddit. The thread garnered dozens of upvotes and comments from social media users who agreed that Standifer looked different.

“In my opinion she is too thin, but looks so much better with dark hair…. Her face looks different every photo. I just assumed it was filters,” one person said.

“She bought a whole new face damn,” another fan wrote.

There were many fans who said they approved of her new look, too.

“Nobody can deny she looks great, no matter how bad her personality and choice of men are,” they said.

“I’d look great too if I got a whole new face 😂 I’ll give her credit for her body, because she looks great,” a second viewer agreed. “And even though she got some kind of work done(I’m jelly), it’s a lot more tasteful than most of the girls on this show😐.”

Standifer Denied Using Drugs to Lose Weight

Since debuting on “Teen Mom OG” in 2017, Standifer has undergone a weight loss journey. Though some viewers were suspicious about Standifer’s methods, the mother-of-three denied using drugs to drop weight.

She once revealed that she changed her diet, going from a keto diet to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. Standifer also hits the gym four to five times a week.

I’m not ‘on’ anything,” she replied. “I eat right and work out. It’s not rocket science, and there’s no quick fix,” she said on Instagram in June 2020, as noted by In Touch Weekly. “I take supplements to SUPPLEMENT my diet, but nothing is a miracle fix.”

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Lisa Ritzheimer
Lisa Ritzheimer
1 year ago

Imagine thinking it’s OK and not completely gross and super weird to comment on another persons weight. Like WTF? Do you do that in person too? Like in REAL LIFE? Walk up to COMPLETE STRANGERS and let them know what you think about their weight and HOW THEY GOT TO THAT WEIGHT?! LOL! On NO EARTH would I ever think its OK or that my opinion about another grown woman’s weight even matters that much. It’s just weird, and honestly… super gross. You should feel really embarrassed because thats not normal and trust me, you will never be important enough for your opinion about a strangers weight to matter. Never. You can have your opinion but why on Earth would you think they are so important and need to be heard? 🙄

Shonda Hall
Shonda Hall
1 year ago

I don’t recognize Ryan!!! He’s all gray-haired and looks kinda scraggly…she is doing what’s healthy and right for her—leave her alone!!!

Jill Addeo
Jill Addeo
1 year ago

I think she does look a little bit too thin, because it makes her look older, I know she has 3 kids but she is only 24! If her hair was still blonde it would only look worse, however good for her! Just because her husband is/was on drugs, doesn’t mean she is.

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