Vee Rivera ‘Really Regrets’ Causing Fight With Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Baby Mamas, No Drama" podcast host Vee Rivera opened up about causing the fallout with "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry.

“Baby Mamas, No Drama” host Vee Rivera opened up about the fallout with “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry on the July 27 episode of their podcast.

It was the first time they recorded together in nearly a month after their blowout. While they continued to release podcast episodes each week, Lowry and Rivera spoke with guest hosts, including fellow “Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer.

The fight was sparked by an issue from their past.

“Unfortunately, it was something that happened a long time ago and I really regret it,” Rivera told their listeners at the beginning of the podcast.

Hearing about it again opened a new wound for Lowry.

“I just needed some time to process it and then I also reverted to how I felt when I kinda found out,” Lowry explained. “It was so long ago but then I re-found out. It was just a mess.”

They filmed part of their dispute for Teen Mom 2, so fans will get an inside glimpse at what went down.

“You guys will see a lot of it on ‘Teen Mom’ and we kinda wanna leave as much as we can to the show,” Lowry revealed. “Mainly because more details will come out and we will revisit it on another episode of ‘Baby Mamas.'”

It’s unclear when the episode will air, but Rivera suspected fans will feel like, “damn that happened mad long ago” when they do see it.

Lowry Is Working on ‘Healthy Conflict Resolution’

Lowry, 29, has been talking about her therapy on her podcasts, revealing she’s been speaking to a counselor for at least 18 months. She said the sessions have helped her communicate during the fallout and Rivera said she was impressed with her co-host.

Lowry texted Rivera her thoughts because she wanted to make sure she didn’t get overwhelmed. She was afraid Rivera would felt disrespected over getting a text instead of a phone call, but Rivera didn’t mind.

“I get super defensive or really emotional and then my message gets lost and I didn’t want that to happen,” Lowry told Rivera. “I was so thankful and relieved, to say the least with how you responded. I was scared.”

“It’s new for me to address things in a way where I’m able to get my thoughts together and say them to you,” she added. “You responded so maturely and respectfully. I was like wow, maybe we should revisit this again because clearly, we can get through this.”

The stars didn’t get into detail about what caused their fight, but they said it didn’t have to do with Jo Rivera. He’s the connection for the two women. Vee Rivera is married to him and Lowry shares her oldest son Isaac with Jo Rivera.

“It wasn’t about Jo,” Lowry confirmed. “It was some crazy personal stuff that happened years ago and I think we just did a really good job handling it.”

Cutting People Off Isn’t Always a Solution

In the past, Lowry admitted that she’s had a “bad habit” of cutting people off once they got into a fight but drastic measures like that aren’t appropriate in all cases–like what happened with Rivera. Not only do they co-parent, but they also have a business.

“Just as messy as a situation is, the resolution is just as messy,” Lowry said about cutting people off.  “Not every situation needs that.”

“I was really impressed, especially with you,” Rivera added. “Years ago we would have just cut each other off… But now we were able to say how we feel and move on.”

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