VIDEO: Leah Messer’s Twin Daughters Get Braces

Leah Messer

Heavy/Getty Leah Messer

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” Leah Messer celebrated her twin daughters’ 13th birthday in December 2022, and now she is marking a new milestone. Messer shared in a February 27 Instagram post that her daughters Aliannah and Aleeah were both getting braces for the first time.

“WHAT? Braces? How are Ali and Aleeah this big? 🥹🥳💜,” Messer captioned the video, which detailed her girls’ trip to the orthodontist, including them before getting braces on, picking colors for their rubber bands, and looking at their new smiles in the car after their appointment. The video montage is all set to the song “This Is Our Time” by WILD.

Messer shared even more footage from the day on her TikTok account, including a selfie with her two daughters, and footage of them first exiting their orthodontist’s office, with the two girls initially shying away from their mother’s camera.

Leah Messer’s Daughters Aliannah & Aleeah Get Braces

Fans have seen Aliannah and Aleeah grow up right before their eyes, first on “16 and Pregnant” and then on “Teen Mom 2”, and some were quick to jump in Messer’s comment section to share their thoughts about the two hitting this new milestone.

“I literally can’t believe the babies of ‘Teen Mom’ are legit teenagers now. 😭😭 Time is going by so fast. Kudos to you though for raising self-confident girls who aren’t afraid to express themselves!” one fan wrote.

“They both look like different versions of you!!!!!!!! Like TRIPLETS and not twins 😍” another fan added.

One fan even shared Leah’s post to a “Teen Mom” discussion page on Reddit, where many commenters recommended the girls take good care of their new braces and not forget to wear their retainers when they are eventually given them.

Messer herself had braces early on in her “Teen Mom 2” days and celebrated their removal in a 2013 Tweet, where she posted a selfie of her newly-brace-free smile.

Leah Messer Got Veneers

In June 2020, Messer shared that she was in the process of getting veneers, and she brought Aliannah and Aleeah to her appointment. Messer’s visit with Dr. Joya Lyons came after her now-ex-fiancé Jaylan Mobley got veneers done with her husband, Dr. Drew Lyons.

While veneers are often able to correct discolored, misshapen, or slightly crooked teeth by shaving down the front teeth and adding a ceramic or resin-based cover to the tooth, according to the American Dental Association, many fans felt Messer’s getting veneers was an unnecessary cosmetic decision.

“Kind of baffling that someone with decent teeth is going to ruin them with veneers. I hate this trend,” one fan wrote in a Reddit discussion post.

“The thought of shaving down your perfectly fine teeth to add veneers just sends shivers down my spine,” another fan added.

Days after she shared this news from her appointment, Messer shared another photo with the results of her veneers, and many fans were quick to say that she looked like her former fellow “Teen Mom 2” cast member, Chelsea Houska.

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