WATCH: ‘Crazy’ Video of Briana DeJesus’ Mom Fighting Resurfaces

Devoin Roxanne

MTV A "crazy" video of Briana DeJesus' mom Roxanne fighting was unearthed.

A “crazy” video of Briana DeJesus’ mom Roxanne fighting with Devoin Austin, the father of their 9-year-old daughter, was unearthed by Teen Mom fans and posted to Reddit on February 8. The video, which was filmed when the crew was on Teen Mom 3, shows a younger Briana telling Devoin that she doesn’t want him to be in Nova’s life anymore. When Devoin objects, saying that Briana doesn’t know the importance of a father in her life since she never had one, Roxanne enters the room.

“You can’t tell me I’m not allowed to see my daughter,” Devoin tells Briana. “You didn’t grow up with a dad… Nova needs a dad.”

Briana tries to defend herself, saying she had a father in her life until she was 8 years old, but Roxanne burst into the room with a baby Nova in her arms. “She did grow up with a father so don’t talk s*** you don’t know,” she tells him. “I’m done with that. Stop using me and her father as an excuse. Get the f*** out!”

Briana then takes Nova from Roxanne, who continues to yell at Devoin to get out of their house. She gets in his fans and throws her hands around him before pushing him out the door. Roxanne hears Devoin call her a “b***” after leaving and she opens the door and throws a planter in his direction. “F*** you,” she says before the clip ends.

The discussion about the clip occurred under a Reddit thread that said, “I didn’t realize Roxanne was crazy.”

Comments About Roxanne’s Reaction to Devoin Are Mixed

While some people accused Roxanne of acting irrationally, others defended the Florida native in the Reddit thread. 

One of the most popular comments under the video defended Roxanne. “Idc she was right. She came back in and told me never to wait on ANYONE. If they don’t respect your time they aren’t worth your time,” they wrote. “Devoin ain’t worth the money for the heavy metals in his brain the recycling center would offer.”

Another wrote Roxanne was in the wrong, especially since Devoin was a teenager himself when the incident happened. “Roxanne is insane. She should [not] even be involved in that conversation,” they said. “She’s so triggered and treating Devoin how she wishes she could treat the men who have disappointed her. At the end of the day, Devoin was a teenager. Why the fuck is she talking to him like that?”

Roxanne Was Wrongly Accused of Calling Devoin the N-Word

VideoVideo related to watch: ‘crazy’ video of briana dejesus’ mom fighting resurfaces2021-02-09T12:47:03-05:00

Flash forward to 2020, and Roxanne and Devoin were still fighting with each other. However, Roxanne was wrongly accused of calling him the N-word after he leaked Briana’s cell phone number during a spat.

She was slamming Devoin and MTV bleeped out one of her words, but the insult she hurled was d*** — not the racial epithet.

“I’ve been really sad and really emotional about it, because we’re talking about Devoin,” Roxanne told People in January 2021. “I didn’t say it, clearly it’s there. It doesn’t work out for anybody when you assume. I love Devoin and will always have his back. I will always want the best for him. And it just breaks my heart to think that this happened.”

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