Zach Davis’ Bold Travel Move Stuns ‘Teen Mom’ Fans

Zach Davis and Cheyenne Floyd

YouTube Zach Davis and Cheyenne Floyd film a YouTube video.

“Teen Mom” fans are accustomed to seeing franchise stars make shocking decisions, but sometimes, a cast member still manages to surprise them. That was the case earlier this week when Zach Davis and Cheyenne Floyd flew off to an exotic vacation destination together. One particular vacation update from Davis shared on his Instagram stories prompted a significant amount of fan commentary.

Here’s what you need to know:

Zach Davis Planned Ahead for His Trip

The now-expired Instagram story Davis shared was posted in the “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2” Reddit sub and more than 400 comments built up on the thread in less than 24 hours. The short video clip showed the “Teen Mom” stars in the gorgeous room of their resort, and Floyd was primping in the bathroom mirror while wearing a daring black one-piece bathing suit. Davis was sitting at a table across the room filming as he took a look at some cannabis.

There were two separate groups of cannabis on the table. Davis was unimpressed by the first group, which some Redditors perceived to be weed he bought locally where they are vacationing. There was more in a bag, and Davis explained, “Good thing, we did it smart. I threw some in a turkey bag, and we made it. So we good.” Recreational marijuana is legal in California, where the “Teen Mom” stars live. As the TSA notes, however, it is not legal to bring onto an airplane.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Had Plenty to Say About Davis’ Video

Fans of “Teen Mom” did not hold back in sharing their thoughts on Davis’ bold move. Some criticized his even considering partaking in the local product, as they thought it appeared to be of low quality. Others were stunned he took some on the plane with him, to a foreign country, and others thought it was a poor choice to share a video publicly about it.

“If my husband and the father of my son was flexing about something like this, I’d get the biggest ick EVER,” one Redditor declared.

“Weed is a healing plant BUTTTTT illegally bringing on a plane to another country it’s completely illegal [and] WHILE you have a record or on probation and on reality TV….not the best move,” added another poster.

“He’s all giddy like a 15 year old sneaking vodka into school in a water bottle,” criticized someone else.

“For someone who is in trouble with the law, it’s interesting that he finds content like this appropriate,” a fourth Redditor concurred.

“I have nothing against smoking weed at all.. but like.. the man was arrested in an airport last year and now he’s flexing how he snuck weed on a plane.. corny and dumb,” someone else pointed out.

As TMZ reported in January, Davis was taken into custody in January at the airport in Los Angeles as he returned from a vacation in Mexico. Customs agents discovered Davis had outstanding warrants, thus the arrest. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, on October 4, Davis pleaded “no contest” to an outstanding DUI charge from June 2020. He was sentenced to four months in jail, and he surrendered himself on November 1. He was released less than 25 hours later, on November 2. The court also ordered Davis to probation, community service, and an alcohol education and counseling program, and he had to pay a fine as well.

The “Teen Mom” stars have been open in the past about their love for cannabis, as Floyd even had a weed bar at her bridal shower. Even so, quite a few fans thought Davis’ decision to flaunt his latest moves in a public video, especially given his previous legal troubles, was risky and rather stunning.

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