Temptation Island Season 3: Meet the Couples

Meet the Couples

Instagram Meet the Couples on Temptation Island, Season 3.

A new season of Temptation Island is here, but what do we know about the couples who will be appearing on the show?

This season, the show will once again highlight four couples who will be ‘tempted’ by 12 guys and 11 girls. And as is always the case, the show will be full of drama.

Read on to learn more about the couples appearing on Season 3 of Temptation Island:

Chelsea & Thomas

Chelsea and Thomas live in West Hollywood. Chelsea, 29, works as a marketing coordinator, and Thomas, 37, is an investment trader.

Their USA Network bio reveals, “Together for over a year, they both agree that when they are alone, it’s smooth sailing, but anytime they’re in a social situation, Thomas’ natural charm and flirtatious nature kick in and Chelsea’s jealousy and possessiveness go through the roof.”

Thomas’ Instagram leads to his personal website, where he writes that he’s an actor and model. His IMDB lists a number of short films, and describes his essence as “a young Tom Cruise meets a stoic Hugh Jackman.”

His IMDB also reveals he worked in finance for Merrill Lynch during the 2008 financial crisis.

Erica & Kendal

Erica is 24, and Kendal is 26. The couple has been together for two and a half years and currently reside in Los Angeles.

Erica works as a personal assistant but feels “unappreciated” in their relationship, in the words of US Weekly.

Kendal is a “successful business owner”, but “wants a partner who can keep up with him personally and professionally but he has concerns whether she fits into his future.”

Erin & Corey

Erin and Corey have been together for 18 months. She is a former pro soccer player and is “used to dating professional athletes and has a bad habit of comparing every guy she dates to her ex-boyfriends.”

Corey works as a concierge manager.

The couple lives in San Diego, where, these days, Erin spends her time working as a behavioral therapist.

Kristen & Julian

Kris and Julian are both 26 and have been together for a whopping 11 years. Together, they live in Sewell, New Jersey, where Kristen works as a physical therapist and Julian works as a personal trainer.

The high school sweethearts haven’t been without their share of obstacles, though. According to USA Network, Julian has cheated twice and “fully owns his mistakes.”

Their bio reads, “Although Julian might be ready to propose, he’s terrified that if he does, he may not get the answer he wants.”

The 24 singles on Temptation Island are excited to meet the coupled-up individuals, and fans can’t wait to see which relationships will form.

In his interview for the show, one contestant, Shaquille, shared with audiences, “I’m gonna be coming to steal your girl. Meet that right girl…”

Another contestant, Sophie, tells cameras that she has been single for nearly 10 months and that “time goes really fast when you’re having fun.”

27-year-old Lauren is a personal trainer and recently divorced, but is ready to open up her heart once more.

The season 3 premiere of Temptation Island will air on USA Tuesday, February 16, at 10 p.m. ET.

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