Terry Funk Health Update: WWE Legend Diagnosed With Dementia

terry funk health update

Creative Commons Terry Funk is pictured in this September 2013 photo.

Terry Funk, the WWE legend, is receiving residential care for multiple health issues, including dementia, according to his official Twitter account. The retired pro wrestler and actor is 77 years old.

Don Muraco first broke the news July 4, 2021, on a podcast, where he announced that Funk was in an assisted-living facility in Amarillo, Texas, Funk’s hometown.

Muraco described Funk as a “savant, genius wrestler.”

Funk’s official Twitter account confirmed the news July 6, 2021.

The post said:

Yes, Mr. Funk is currently receiving residential care for his multiple health issues, which do affect his mind as well as the rest of his body. As you can imagine, some days are better than others. He & his family appreciate all of your kind words!


Here’s what you need to know:

Funk Made a Statement Confirming the News & Made a Joke About His Condition

ECW Original Tommy Dreamer spoke to Funk by phone, and got a quote for his fans, making a joke about his condition, Dreamer wrote on Twitter.

“I’m currently sitting in an assisted living place w/my thumb up my a** Whistling Dixie but I don’t remember the words,” Funk said, according to Dreamer.

Dreamer wrote on Twitter that Funk’s fans can “relax.”

“Everyone needs to relax,” Dreamer wrote. “I just got off phone w/ Terry Funk. He is NOT in bad health. He loves everyone talking about him.”

WWE Said Few Have as Much Fight in Them as Funk & Fellow Pro Wrestlers Wished Him Well

WWE made a statement on Funk shortly after the news of his condition was confirmed.

“Few have as much fight in them as Terry Funk,” the statement said. “Wishing all the best to the WWE Hall of Famer and his family.”

“Terry Funk is the greatest wrestler I have ever seen. No one made it easier to believe than The Funker,” wrote former wrestler Mick Foley.

“Tonight is for the Funkster!” wrote pro wrestler Kyle O’Reilly.

“People posting pics of the Texas Legend Terry Funk-idolized him and then got to tag with him and rode the roads with him-love me some Terry Funk! Wish him the best health and happiness!” wrote WWE champ John Layfield.

You can watch Muraco’s statement on Funk below:

Don Muraco Gives a Terry Funk Health Update + Bizarre Rib Funk Would PlayDon Muraco Gives a Terry Funk Health Update + Bizarre Rib Funk Would Play Clip from Don Muraco's Magnificent Podcast: Episode #7 – DYNAMITE KID PART 1 Subscribe to Don Muraco's Magnificent Podcast wherever you download your podcasts! iTunes: podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/don-muracos-magnificent-podcast/id1568091571 Google Podcasts: podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tL2Rvbm11cmFjb3BvZC9mZWVkLnhtbA Podbean link: donmuracopod.podbean.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/DonMuracoPod Owen Hart: King of Pranks (The Ultimate…2021-07-04T12:00:21Z

“The news of Funk’s declining health is depressing for the millions of fans that adore him,” Wrestling News reported. “We wish nothing but the best for one of the all-time greats and one of the nicest guys ever in the professional wrestling business.”

Sportskeeda wrote:

Terry Funk is a hardcore legend and a former two-time ECW world heavyweight champion. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009. He is well known across the pro wrestling industry as a pioneer of hardcore wrestling and an inspiration to many as part of his long, storied career spanning over 50 years.

Terry Funk made his debut in 1965 for his father’s promotion. His most recent match took place in 2017, where he teamed up with the Rock N’ Roll Express to take on Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler, and Doug Gilbert.

Funk’s wife, Vicki Ann Weaver, died in 2019. They were married nearly 50 years, from 1965 until her death in 2019. They had two children together, both daughters, Stacy and Brandee.

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