Murdered ‘General Hospital’ Star’s Mom Is ‘Peeved’ Abut Ex Fiancee’s Crying Video

johnny wactor

Getty Johnny Wactor.

Former “General Hospital” actor Johnny Wactor’s ex-fiancee Tessa Farrell has opened up about his Los Angeles murder in a crying video, and that’s not sitting well with his mom.

According to TMZ, Wactor’s mom Scarlett told the site that Farrell and Wactor had not spoken for two to three years and that she did not stay in touch with him or his family. TMZ reported that the mother believes Farrell was “clout-chasing” when she filmed a video crying about Wactor’s murder. TMZ described Wactor’s mother as being “peeved” about Farrell’s comments.

A GoFundMe page set up to help Wactor’s family says the actor, who played Brando Corbin on the soap opera, “was living his dream in LA. Early Saturday morning, Johnny was leaving his evening job with a coworker when they came upon 3 guys attempting to steal his catalytic converter. He thought he was going to be towed and said ‘Am I being towed?’ The person stood up with a mask on and said nothing and shot him.”

Los Angeles police confirmed to Heavy in a telephone interview that a man was shot and killed when he “interrupted” three people trying to take a catalytic converter. The suspects are at large. Police did not confirm the victim’s name.

In a letter posted on her Instagram page on May 29, Farrell wrote, “Johnny’s family and I agree it is best his past and personal life no longer be discussed during this very difficult time to allow the LAPD to streamline their work in actively bringing Johnny’s killer to justice.”

She said that she would “no longer be involved in discussions surrounding the details of Johnny’s murder to prevent the media from further diluting focus during the active investigation.” She noted that “citizens of Los Angeles, please remain vigilant and be aware catalytic converter thefts are on the rise. The lack of proper punishment for theft crimes have lead (sic) to a shocking increase in violence, now turning thieves into murderers which cost the beloved rising star, Johnny Wactor, his life.”

A Sobbing Farrell Said in the Video, ‘This Can’t Keep Happening’

In the crying video, a sobbing Farrell said, “It’s not okay. This can’t keep happening. So many lives are being lost and just us not being smart. We have to be smarter as a community, and guys, even if you’re watching this, we have to stop being so mean to each other; like, I saw some of the comments yesterday and it’s like guys let’s love each other.”

She added: “Let’s not steal. Johnny’s above now, looking down. And I’m so happy he found happiness before he went because that was his dream in life, is to be happy. I think of all of you, and all of the fans of the show, all of the hard work that he did, all of his friends; this guy was so popular.”

Continued Farrell, “I’m just so proud of the man he’s become and it’s so sad that crime in LA had to do this. I am hoping – we need some legislation to keep this from happening. These criminals can’t keep being on the street, and they can’t keep being sent back and having no repercussions for their actions.”

She concluded, “The person who did this if you are watching, I’m sorry but you shot the wrong guy. You can get a real job. I know the job market is hard, but we’re all in it together; you don’t have to steal. This guy was a rising star and such a bright soul in this world. We can’t keep losing things like this because people are afraid to stand up and do what’s right. Johnny stood up and did what is right. All the time. So let’s be like Johnny, and let’s stand up and do what’s right.”

On May 27, Farrell wrote on Facebook, “I am remembering the beloved Johnny Wactor on this Memorial Day,” linking to the GoFundMe to help his family and information on how to contact police.

Tessa Farrell Described Johnny Wactor as a ‘Very Noble Man’ & Said She’s Still Wearing Her Engagement Ring

Farrell also spoke about Wactor in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Farrell told ET that she was told about Wachner’s death by a mutual friend and initially thought he died while rock climbing.
She was shocked by the death, ET reported, quoting her as saying, “I’m like, ‘Where did he get shot?’ You know? ‘Where is he right now? I wanna, you know, go see him or help.’ And she didn’t tell me initially where he got shot. She just said he didn’t make it. And at that point, there’s nothing I can, you know, nothing no one can say or do to change that.”

Farrell praised Wactor in the interview.

“He was a very noble man and always did the right thing. And I’m not surprised by that at all because he was kind of the guy that would step up and do the right thing,” she said. The site said they remained friends until his death after being engaged in the 2010s.

She said she still wears her engagement ring.

“It was a really beautiful moment, and I always – I had it on before, and I always will have it on because it reminds me of, you know, true love or everlasting love,” Farrell told ET. “Sadly, it has another meaning to it (now), but you know, I’m grateful – at least I have it still and I have memories of him.”