‘The 100’ Finale Leaked: Here Are the Funniest Tweets & Fake Spoilers

The 100 Leaked Tweets

Twitter Here are the best tweets about The 100 finale.

The series finale of The 100 airs tonight, and fans are so excited that they took over Twitter sharing fake spoilers. In fact, #The100Leaked was trending on Twitter today. Even though people were talking about the first presidential debate this morning, #The100Leaked managed to break through all of that and trend for a good part of the day.

#The100Leaked Trended with Funny, Fake Leaks

Perhaps my favorite was the fake leak about “Flarke” (Clarke’s old boyfriend Finn and Clarke) being endgame. Clarke had to let him be killed a long time ago and it was a pretty intense scene, but by that point, a lot of people were hating Finn.

The idea of Finn coming back is hilarious.

Then there’s the “fake leak” that Clarke has been in Mount Weather all this time. Honestly, I could see a different showrunner coming up with this ending anyway.

How far down the hallucination/dream road can we go?

To join the “it was all a dream” theories, some people joked that it goes back even farther than that, to when Clarke was on the ship. Maybe she was just floated and this was all a dying dream.

Some Are Hoping Lexa or Bellamy Return

Others are still holding out hope that Clexa will return one last time, so there were some fake leaks about that too.

Here’s another one hoping Lexa will come back:

Will Lexa save the day at the end? This fake leak says she will.

Others are speculating that Bellamy comes back to life and kills everyone.

Others “fake spoiled” that Octavia and Atom found each other in the afterlife.

Then there are the vague tweets pretending that it’s just ending with Clarke being very sad, which seems pretty likely at this point.

Of course, most people are hoping Bellamy comes back somehow. His death was just heartbreaking and so hard to watch, not to mention a really sad ending for Bellarke fans. Maybe even tougher than that Clexa ending.

This one’s funny:

Some people fake leaked that Rothenberg killed Clarke. Considering the other characters he killed in Season 7, it’s not a stretch.

Meanwhile, some people are guessing that it will be an ending to make all the fandoms happy. Perhaps transcendence means the universe is split into multiple dimensions, one fan guessed, leaving Clarke to end up with Lexa in one and end up with Bellamy in the other. That would certainly make a lot of fan groups happy, that’s for sure.

Maybe they’ll age everyone and we’ll see them at the end of their lives too, one fan guessed.

But as long as we’re bringing everyone back, let’s bring back Wells too. Remember him?

How about bringing back Pike and Jaha for one final battle while we’re at it?

In another fake leak, Indra and Sheidheda end up being friends in the end and dancing together.

No matter what happens tonight, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye, but we’ll have plenty of memes to guide us along the way. We all have theories about how the show will end and we’re all going to be sad to see it go. It’s been a great seven seasons. Here’s hoping the prequel gets the green light.

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