Skittles and a Freak Accident Lead to Brand Ambassadorship for Former Bachelorette


Bachelor Nation stars have some crazy stories.

One night in college, a beautiful, avid runner named Tayshia Adams decided to get a snack from the vending machine. She chose Skittles; a seemingly insignificant decision. That tiny action had a ripple effect that left her unable to walk, much less run, for several months.

Adams struggled painfully to once again become ambulant. As Bachelor Nation fans know, she has completely recovered the use of her legs. What they may not know is that her tragic accident ended up landing her a brand ambassador position with ASICS’ “#Live Uplifted” campaign.

Here’s How it All Went Down

On October 1, 2020, Adams was co-hosting the premiere of the Bachelor Nation Clickbait podcast with Joe Amabile and Hannah Ann Sluss. The hosts began revealing secrets about themselves, and Adams unleashed a stunner.

“I was actually ran over by a truck,” Adams confessed before launching into the bizarre story of how she ended up unable to walk for three months.

As mentioned above, Adams was in college and went to the vending machine to get some Skittles. She saw some of her friends in a truck and went over to talk to them. “I’m eating my skittles and they take my skittles inside the truck and whatever, they’re eating,” Adams relayed on the podcast.   She was hanging inside the window when everyone decided they needed to get going.  Adams reached in further to try and take her Skittles back.

Suddenly, the driver hit the gas and went over a speed bump. Adams details what happened next: “all the sudden I like pop off and then my body’s hanging, my legs are on the [ground], the truck back tire goes over my leg.  I had tire tracks on my legs for two weeks, fractured my pelvis, took me out of my running career…all over Skittles.”

Adams had to relearn to walk using a walker, which she jokes made it hard for her to get dates. Amabile kids that Adams should get a Skittles commercial because of what she went through.  Ironically, the 31-year-old ended up getting an ASICS commercial and ambassadorship instead.

Footwear News explains, “It took nearly two years to recover from the incident that would change her life forever. With her legs crushed underneath a heavy motor vehicle and its tires only inches from her pelvis, Tayshia Adams thought she’d be incapable of running for the rest of her life. However, the former ‘Bachelorette’ has rekindled her relationship with running and has joined Asics as an ambassador.”

WATCH Adams’ ASICS Commercial

Adams posted on Facebook in March, “I am SO excited to finally announce my partnership with @asics ! This partnership has come full circle for me- my first pair of running shoes were ASICS. The brand carried me all through my high school career of track and cross country.”

The theme of ASICS’ “#Live Uplifted” campaign is female empowerment and the ways that physical fitness can improve mental health, according to Footwear News. The athletic running shoe company chose Adams as their brand ambassador in large part because of the strength and determination she showed recovering from the truck accident and getting back into running.

Adams competed in the in the TCS New York City Marathon in November, 2021, after which she ended up briefly back in the hospital, according to E! News. Adams once again could not walk for a couple of days and was in great pain. The outlet reports, “The reality TV star also shared that her body has had a tough time returning to its normal state since the race and that she finally got her first solid night of rest after struggling to sleep for the first few post-marathon nights.”

Adams is currently excited about working with ASICS and continuing to keep her body and her mind healthy. As Footwear News reports, the former Bachelorette announced “I’ve gone through a lot of things in order to smile today, running brings strength to my mind and body. Just putting one foot in front of the other, the same thing with life.”

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