Former ‘Bachelorette’ Star Slammed by Fans for ‘Exploiting’ Her Kids

Pixabay Ali Fedotowsky Manno is being slammed for 'exploiting' her children.

Former “Bachelorette” star Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is being slammed online after fans say that she has been “exploiting” her children.

The mother-of-two often shares photos and videos of her two kids, Molly and Riley, on social media, and fans have been delighted to be a part of their lives — even just the slightest bit — as they’ve grown up. However, some “Bachelorette” fans had a different reaction after one of Manno’s posts this week.

Evidently, Molly hadn’t been on her best behavior, so Manno decided to punish her. She told Molly that she could either sit out Trick-or-treating or lose the money in her piggy bank. Molly really wanted to go collect candy, so she opted to give up her cash (though Molly did seem to say that she would have rather kept the money later in the video). Manno filmed this exchange and posted it on her Instagram Stories.

What came next, however, had many fans outraged.

Here’s what you need to know:

Manno Put Up a Poll & Asked Followers Which Chores Molly Should Complete to Earn Her Money Back

“What should be her first job for earning back her money?” the poll read. You can see a screenshot here. There were two options on the poll. One was feeding the family’s dog, Owen, and the other was “picking up her toys.”

In a caption beneath the poll, Manno wrote, “[Molly] will do both things at some point today, but what should she start with?”

In another video, Molly was out in the backyard cleaning up. It’s unclear if Manno shared the poll results or if she had Molly complete the tasks in the order in which her Instagram followers suggested.

Fans on Reddit Expressed Their Disappointment in Manno After She Shared the Poll

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you may know that doing polls and creating ways for your followers to engage with you helps your posts appear for more people. Many fans accused Manno — who has teamed up with several companies to promote various products and earn a kickback — of using her children to help boost her algorithm.

“This is so so gross. STOP MANIPULATING YOUR KIDS FOR ONLINE ENGAGEMENT. The actual emotional impact this must have on the kids ‘ok honey, you’ve been really naughty now look at the camera so mum can consult with her followers as to how you should be reprimanded. Don’t forget to simultaneously look sad, guilty but also that you love me lots,'” wrote one Reddit user.

“This is a pathetic attempt for more engagement,” added another.

“This is disrespectful and gross,” a third commented.

“What a s*** mom. I’m sorry, but no good parent records their kid like this. Home videos of special moments are fine, but filming your kid in front of thousands of strangers is awful,” a fourth wrote.

More than 100 Redditors commented on the thread. Manno’s Instagram Story has since expired. While she hasn’t shared anything further about her kids being naughty, but she has shared additional photos and videos of her kids since.

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