Amanda Stanton Gets Serious After Fans Ask Her if She’s Pregnant

Amanda Stanton Update

Heavy/Getty "Bachelor in Paradise" star addressed a common question she keeps facing.

When Amanda Stanton was a contestant on Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor,” viewers got to meet her daughters Kinsley and Charlie. The girls were quite little when they appeared on Higgins’ season in 2016, but they are not so little anymore. Kinsley turns 11 years old on April 17, according to Stanton’s Instagram page, and Charlie turned 9 on January 25. Stanton married Michael Fogel in September, and that apparently has sparked questions from fans regarding possibly expanding her family. She recently addressed speculation she might currently be pregnant, and she provided a very thorough answer.

Here’s what you need to know:

Amanda Stanton Is Frequently Questioned About a Potential Pregnancy

In now-expired Instagram Stories initially posted on April 10, Stanton acknowledged the constant pregnancy speculation she has faced. “One thing I didn’t expect after getting married is that people will immediately start asking you every day if you’re pregnant, tell you [you] look pregnant, etc.,” Stanton detailed (per Us Weekly). The former “Bachelor in Paradise” star explained that these questions come with every photo she posts on social media, and “at least a couple people ask” if she is expecting another baby.

Stanton recalled one specific interaction with a “Bachelor” fan who wondered if she was pregnant. “After I said, ‘No I’m not,’ someone literally just told me I should ‘take a test to make sure!'” She continued, “People can’t really be acting this way in 2023. STOP ASKING PEOPLE IF THEY’RE PREGNANT.”

Stanton Has Talked About Expanding Her Family Before

Stanton may be frustrated over questions about being pregnant, but the former “Bachelor” star has talked about having another child. As Bachelor Nation noted, Stanton addressed the possibility in a string of Instagram Stories recently. When asked if she wants more children, she replied, “Yes! I’m not going to lie, though. I’m so nervous. I thought we would have started trying by now, but maybe a few more months?!” She also noted, “But then I keep thinking, will we ever feel 100% ready for another baby?! Whenever it happens, I’ll be so so excited, whether we’re ready or not.” The former “Bachelor in Paradise” star has also admitted she’d love to add a boy to the family, and she wants him to be “exactly like Michael.”

A peek at the comments section of an April 10 Instagram post of Stanton’s provides examples of what the “Bachelor” star has been talking about. “You look pregnant,” commented one person. She replied, “Wellll I’m not so i guess this means you’re saying I look fat (but [I don’t care] to be honest).” The same commenter continued by writing, “just sayin! Not fat…at all! Maybe you are [pregnant]?? Check!” This may be the comment that sparked Stanton’s Instagram Stories about her frustration over this, although it may also be that this the type of exchange she has encountered repeatedly lately. Stanton did get support from other fans over it, though.

“This is absolutely and ridiculously unkind. Stop saying this to women,” read a note directed towards the original commenter.

A separate comment posted on April 12 read, “I’m glad you spoke your mind. People need to stop asking people if they are pregnant. As someone who doesn’t have kids and wants 1 it’s hurtful for people. Some struggle and people asking need to stop and when you are we can be happy for you.”

The first photo of that particular Instagram post showed Stanton wearing a denim ensemble that made it clear she had no pregnancy baby bump at this point. As much as “Bachelor Nation” may be eager to see Stanton and Fogel expand their family, it seems they will need to do their best to be patient and avoid making any assumptions on the topic.

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