Andi Dorfman Update: What the Former Bachelorette Is Doing Now

Getty Andi Dorfman is sharing an update of her life with fans.

Former Bachelorette and fan favorite Andi Dorfman has been moving on from her former life and onto a more fit one. Dorfman first appeared on season 18 of The Bachelor as a contestant on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season. She self-eliminated after eight episodes.

Dorfman’s Bachelor journey didn’t stop there, as she became The Bachelorette for season 10 in 2014. She resigned from her job as an assistant district attorney to find love, and she eventually became engaged to winner Josh Murray. Her engagement to Murray didn’t last, and the two announced their breakup in January 2015.

Five years later, Dorfman has shaken up her life for the better. The 33-year-old former Bachelorette packed her bags and moved from New York City to California in June 2020. “I have definitely become a beach girl,” Dorfman told Us Weekly. “I make a concerted effort to go watch the sunset a few days a week, have a glass of wine, and take a moment to feel fortunate and grateful for the view and for my life.”

Dorfman Has Prioritized Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Dorfman has been taking advantage of living in a warmer climate. “I used to play tennis growing up and then didn’t play for a good 10 years,” she told Us Weekly. “I’ve picked up the sport again [since moving] and I absolutely love it.”

Dorfman has also taken a liking for running so much that she ran the New York City Marathon in 2019. “I’d say I [go] about five days a week, even if it’s just for 30 minutes to get out of the house,” she said. “It is my main source of exercise. I almost feel off balanced and more tired if I don’t go for a run.”

Her newfound love for running motivated her to launch Andorfins, a new workout app for runners. “I hope you find Andorfins to be a welcoming community that doesn’t care how far or how fast you run,” Dorfman writes on the Andorfins website. “A community that is open and vulnerable about why they run. And a community that makes you feel that even if you are running alone, you are never alone in running.”

Dorfman Has Picked Up Other Hobbies as Well

Exercising and launching a running app has kept Dorfman busy, but she admits she finds time for simpler things in life. Dorfman recently told Us Weekly that she has an itch for DIY projects.

“My friends legitimately make fun of me because every time they come over I’ve done a new [one],” she told Us Weekly. “I joke that DIY is my therapy, but it really is, it’s my way of relaxing.”

As for her dating life, Dorfman is single and ready to mingle. She recently posted a photo of herself looking out into the ocean and added the caption, “Looking for my next boyfriend.”

Dorfman sparked romance rumors earlier this year when a TikTok user noted that Reality Steve had been hinting at a new Bachelor Nation couple. The TikTok user suggested that the mystery couple might be Dorfman and Michael Garofola from Desiree (Hartsock) Siegfried’s season of The Bachelorette. The user shared Instagram photos of Dorfman and Garofola in Sedona, Arizona, days apart from each other in November and a screenshot of Dorfman “liking” his most recent post.

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