Andrew Spencer’s 2018 Arrest & Mugshot Uncovered


Andrew Spencer is a contestant on the current season of “The Bachelorette,” hoping to find love with Katie Thurston.

Being a frontrunner comes with the downside of people wanting to know everything about your life before the show. Heavy obtained court documents that show that Andrew Spencer was previously arrested for DWI (driving while intoxicated).

According to the docs, Spencer was taken into police custody back in July 2018 in Winona, Minnesota. Five months later, he submitted paperwork in which he pled guilty to two charges of fourth degree DWI.

At the time of his arrest, Spencer would have been 23-years-old. Although Spencer lives in Chicago — and in Vienna, Austria — according to his ABC bio, he attended Winona State College in Minnesota, where he played football all four years.

Here’s what you need to know:

Spencer Agreed to a Plea Deal & Was Placed on Probation

Winona County CourtAndrew Spencer’s mugshot.

Spencer agreed to a plea deal and was sentenced to unsupervised probation for one year according to The Sun. Court documents reveal that he also had to pay more than $500 in fines.

In his court statement, Spencer admitted that he had been drinking. “At 2:23 a.m. on July 14, 2018, I operated a motor vehicle with a BAC [Blood Alcohol Concentration] over .08 (.12). I acknowledge that I was read the Minnesota Implied Consent Advisory, that I [contested] a breath test, and that the test was taken within two hours of the time that I was driving (3:09 a.m.). I do not dispute the test result. I also acknowledge that I have been advised as to the enhanceable nature of the offense to which I am pleading guilty, and I understand that future offenses could be charged more severely as a result of my conviction for this offense,” the court documents read.

This wasn’t the only time that Spencer got in trouble with the law. Back in 2014, he was cited for underage drinking; a misdemeanor charge, according to InTouch Weekly. “The officer noted they were doing a routine patrol when they ‘observed [a] subject that appeared to be urinating’ and ‘smelled [the] odor of alcoholic beverage’ on Spencer. He pleaded guilty and paid a $185 fine,” InTouch reports.

Spencer Is Rumored to Make it Far on ‘The Bachelorette’

Warning: ‘Bachelorette’ spoilers ahead.

Spencer is said to make it fairly far on “The Bachelorette.” Although he hadn’t had his first one-on-one date by Week 3, things between he and Thurston are expected to gain steam over the next few weeks.

According to Reality Steve, Spencer is one of Thurston’s top four guys and he does get a Hometown Date. However, Spencer is eliminated at some point before the finale, and does not end up engaged to Thurston.

Fan theories suggest that Spencer also doesn’t get a Fantasy Suite date. You can read several comments that support this theory on this Reddit thread.

It is unknown if he will open up to Thurston about his DWI arrest from three years ago.

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