Offensive Tweets by ‘Bachelorette’ Frontrunners Uncovered

ABC Andrew Spencer & Justin Glaze.

Andrew Spencer and Justin Glaze are in the middle of their journey to find love with “BacheloretteKatie Thurston, and fans have uncovered some offensive tweets that both men previously wrote.

Spencer, 26, a professional footballer, and Glaze, 26, a talented artist, have both sent out questionable tweets in years past. One Reddit user found the tweets and posted screenshots of them on a Reddit thread. You can see the thread for Spencer’s tweets here, and the thread for Glaze’s tweets here. The original poster referred to Spencer’s tweets as “fatphobic, racially charged, [and] misogynistic,” and called Glaze’s tweets “racially charged” and “homophobic.”

Both Spencer and Glaze seem to be capturing Thurston’s attention in many ways, and are expected to make it far on the season. It’s unclear why Spencer and Glaze’s Twitter accounts weren’t vetted before both men were cast for the show.

A “contestant” wrote in to the “BachelorNation.Scoop” Instagram account with the following information: We go through a pretty extensive [social media] check, too. Like they go through your [Instagram] and recommend things that you should delete. I have no idea how they do it for Twitter, but there aren’t any excuses for leaving this kind of stuff up when you’re going to be on a show that averages over [three] million viewers per night.” The message was posted on the account’s Instagram Story on July 7.

At the time of this writing, neither Spencer nor Glaze had spoken out about these tweets.

Warning: Some readers may find the tweets offensive and/or triggering. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Glaze Used Homophobic Slurs & Posted Racially Insensitive Tweets

Many of the offensive tweets written by Glaze were posted back in 2009. At that time, he would have been between 14 and 16-years-old. “What is that *** wearing?” reads one tweet from 2011, according to Reddit. “Just threw up my dinner after seeing that gay ass belly dancer,” reads another.

“‘They always show a well-spoken caucasian cashier. They need to have a rude Black b*tch as a cashier once’ — so true smh,” reads a racially insensitive tweet from 2011. “#Icantdateagirl with crusty ass feet, hot ass breath like baby sh*t, body big enough to be an avatar [and] sh*t, or if she dark as [Flavor Flav],” read another tweet.

The comments on the thread have been turned off, but many of the 200 existing comments have slammed Glaze for his past.

“What my blows my mind the most is Justin is an artist. People find his art by looking him up. It’s really weird to have problematic stuff come up when people are just trying to find your work. You’d think he’d curate his online persona a bit better,” one Redditor commented.

“Wow I’m really disappointed in these tweets as well as Andrew’s tweets. I hate that this keeps happening over and over again. Why can’t production just do their job and properly vet these contestants??” wrote another.

“I’m sorry but I do not agree with people saying that they were teenagers when they did it so it is fine. It is so easy to look through your past social media posts and delete them. Or even start a new page and delete previous accounts. Especially if you have learnt and grown from your previous ideals. I’ve looked through my old posts when I started working and deleted them and they were simply cringy 13-year-old girl comments about Twilight and other nonsense. I just don’t understand how people can forget being homophobic and racist in their past. This shit is just unacceptable and honestly tiring,” added another

Other Reddit users suggested Glaze be given a break given that he was just a child when he posted the tweets.

“I’m a little impressed Justin was using Twitter in 2009. Please remember… These tweets were posted when he was 14 and 16. Be kind. And wish he had a better plan to remove old terrible tweets,” one Redditor wrote.

Spencer’s Offensive Tweets Are Dated 2014 & 2016

In 2011, Spencer tweeted to another Twitter user, “you gotta STD you nasty ass African,” according to the screenshots on Reddit. In 2014, he tweeted, “that income tax be Black people real Christmas.” In another tweet, someone tweeted a picture of a young boy and Spencer commented, “this is not me. This is some Ethiopian kid.” At the time these tweets were sent, Spencer would have been 16-years-old.

Spencer also tweeted to Kendall Jenner, writing, “your [sic] just jealous I’m gunna [sic] be the next Reggie Bush in that family.”

In 2016, Spencer tweeted “all blondes have little lips,” with two crying-with-laughter emoji.

Just as is the case with the Reddit thread about Glaze’s past tweets, the comments on the Spencer thread have been locked. However, there are about 200 comments that were posted before that occurred.

“These are gross,” one Redditor commented.

“Ugh. This is really disappointing. Really like him on the show. I don’t get why these people don’t clean up their social media before they get on these shows. I can maybe get over someone being young, dumb and ignorant in the past. But you grew up and looked at that stuff in the light of day now and didn’t see a problem???” added another.

“Aw man this is really disappointing to see. I was rooting for him this season and loved him. Now seeing these tweets no thanks,” wrote a third.

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