Andrew Spencer Breaks Silence on Past Offensive Tweets

Andrew Spencer

ABC Andrew Spencer

Andrew Spencer is speaking out about his past social media behavior.

In a new interview, the fan-favorite suitor from Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette” addressed the offensive tweets he posted nearly a decade ago.

Spencer previously tweeted messages that were deemed “fatphobic, racially charged, [and] misogynistic.” One resurfaced tweet from 2014 showed him calling women “fat hoes,” per The Sun.

Spencer Admitted His past Behavior Was ‘Immature’ & Said He Was ‘Embarrassed’ By It


While Spencer’s teen Twitter activity came back to haunt him more nearly a month ago via a Reddit thread, he has remained silent on the topic up until now. But in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, “The Bachelorette” suitor expressed regret for the offensive messages, and he reiterated that they do not represent who he is in 2021.

“That’s just really immature,” Spencer said of his past tweets. “I own it and I don’t downplay anything about it. I’m really sorry that people had to see that side of me Obviously, you don’t want to hide that. That’s a part of my life and I own it, but that’s nowhere near the person I am today. I obviously show that every single day in how I speak. If my mom would’ve saw those tweets, she would’ve whooped my a** for sure.”

“[I’m] definitely disappointed and embarrassed about that,” Spencer added. “But that is 1000 percent not who I am today.”

Spencer’s apology was issued several weeks behind that of fellow “Bachelorette” suitor Justin Glaze, who immediately apologized for his past problematic tweets that resurfaced at the same time.

In early July, Glaze told the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast that “he was trying to “fit in” with other kids in his friend group when he posted hurtful slurs online as a teen.

“Those words shouldn’t have come out of my mouth,” Glaze said, adding that he is “ashamed of the words” that he used.

Spencer Has Been Eyeing ‘The Bachelor’ Role For at Least 7 Years

ABCAndrew Spencer.


While Spencer’s mea culpa is a few weeks late, it comes as some fans are rallying for him to be named the next “Bachelor” star.

Spencer received a lot of fan support after Thurston sent him home one week before the hometown dates, then later asked him to rejoin the show after she had second thoughts on her decision. Even though he left Thurston a note that said if she changed her mind, he would be “waiting,” Spencer declined her offer to rejoin the dating show and instead had an emotional second goodbye with “The Bachelorette” star in a hotel lobby. The football player revealed he couldn’t get past the fact that Thurston let him go once already.

Spencer’s heartbreaking “Bachelorette” ending would normally make him a perfect candidate to be ABC’s next leading man. But it turns out he has been eyeing that spot since 2014, which could mean he never joined the ABC dating show for the “right reasons” to begin with.

“Let me be the next Bachelor,” Spencer wrote online seven years ago,  according to Page Six.

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