Anne Heche Repeatedly Gushed Over This ‘Bachelorette’ Fan Favorite

Anne Heche

Getty Anne Heche attends the 27th Annual Race To Erase MS: Drive-In To Erase MS.

In the wake of Anne Heche’s tragic accident and subsequent death, people across all genres of entertainment and walks of life are recalling sweet memories and fun moments involving her. Not long ago, she had a “Bachelorette” veteran on her podcast, and she swooned over him as she introduced him. She later noted Tartick had appeared on the podcast quite a few times previously, as he was a financial resource for them on an ongoing basis. Jason Tartick joined the “Better Together With Anne and Heather” podcast most recently in late July to talk about his book, and Heche made it quite clear she absolutely adored him.

Here’s what you need to know:

Heche Gushed Over Tartick During a Recent Podcast

As Heche started out her podcast, she explained that her co-host Heather Duffy had recorded with Tartick the prior week, while she was away in Boston. “I hated to miss Jason, Jason I love you so much, I mean not like a wife or a girlfriend or mistress or anything like that, I’m just saying I missed seeing you,” Heche explained. She then jokingly asked, “Did he cry? He wept.” Both women continued to gush over Tartick, and Heche added, “He’s too good.”

Heche then shared she tried to “force” her son Homer to essentially be like Tartick. “I’m like, Homer, listen. You want to be a finance guy, you want to be Jason Tartick… the dude has more money coming his way, okay, deservingly,” she recalled. The rest of that particular podcast was recorded without Heche, as she had been out of town filming, but they had bantered numerous times during his other appearances.

Tartick & Heche Met Through “Dancing with the Stars”

Tartick joined Heche and Duffy at least six other times to talk about various financial topics on their “Better Together” podcast. Topics covered issues such as bitcoin, budgeting, leases and insurance, credit, and taxes, and they dubbed him their “money maestro.” As the podcast hosts explained in an early appearance of Tartick’s in June 2021, they got to know him through “Dancing with the Stars.” That specific appearance came just after Tartick proposed to Bristowe, and Heche said he was “glowing.”

Former “Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe, Tartick’s now-fiancee, won season 29 of “DWTS,” and Heche was also a contestant that season. She was eliminated quite early in season 29, but it seems she had enough time to form a connection with Bristowe and Tartick. He started out his semi-regular segment on “Better Together” in June 2021 with his credit talk, and he was slated to join the podcast on the first Thursday of each month. However, there are segments where Tartick, Heche, and Duffy chatted for the podcast going back even further than that.

In the days after Heche’s initial accident, Tartick did not appear to have mentioned it at all on his social media pages. Now, with her death, “The Bachelorette” and “Dancing with the Stars” fans will be curious to see if he addresses her and the work they’d done together. He always seemed to get a kick out of how Heche gushed over him, and the duo appeared to have a friendly, innocently flirtatious dynamic.

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