Arie & Lauren Luyendyk Share Renovated Nursery, Update on Twins

Arie and Lauren Luyendyk posing on the red carpet.

Getty Images Arie & Lauren Luyendyk.

Arie and Lauren Luyendyk are adjusting well to life with three kids under the age of three, and while they may be sleep deprived with newborn twins at home, they are starting to get back on social media more.

On July 16, 2021, “The Bachelor” couple decided to share a video of the twins nursery, which had been undergoing serious renovations for several weeks, leading up to the babies’ birth. The room was once a garage at Arie and Lauren’s home in Arizona, but it has been completely transformed into a dreamy nursery perfect for the newest Luyendyks, Senna and Lux.

The Luyendyks brought in the professionals, hiring Pottery Barn for their furniture and overall design needs. The couple revealed that Pottery Barn started moving the furniture into the room the same day that Lauren went into labor! Arie and Lauren headed out to the hospital with the nursery still not complete, but they came home to a “completed room” — so everything worked out!

You can take a full tour of Senna and Lux’s nursery by watching the video below.

TWIN NURSERY REVEAL! | LUX AND SENNA LUYENDYKSo excited to finally share with you the twin's nursery! We finished THE DAY Lauren went into labor. After settling in a bit, we are excited to show you how it turned out! We had a lot of help from Pottery Barn Kids designing this space, so thank you to them for making this room…2021-07-16T19:46:37Z

Here’s what you need to know:

The Luyendyk Nursery Is Filled With Baby Essentials

The Luyekdyk nursery is complete with two cribs, toys, books, and everything in between. There is a kitchen area where Senna and Lux can play when they get older, a trundle bed for potential mommy and Alessi sleepovers, as Lauren suggested, and there’s a rainbow in one corner on two walls for the “rainbow babies.”

The theme is fairly simple with white tones and natural wood furniture and decor. Arie and Lauren had nothing but wonderful things to say about working with Pottery Barn — the company even put the cribs together, so they got a special shoutout from Arie for that!

Senna and Lux were fast asleep during the tour, and fans even got to hear Lux snoring, which Lauren thinks is simply adorable (because it totally is!).

After the babies were born, both were taken to the NICU for some extra care, which is not all that uncommon with twins. Lux pulled through and was able to return to mom and dad, but Senna spent a few extra days in the NICU. In fact, Arie and Lauren brought Lux home without Senna. Thankfully, she showed great progress and joined her brother about a week later.

On July 11, 2021, Senna and Lux turned 1-month-old. “One month [with] our babies. Twin parenting is a whole new challenge, but loving every minute [with] you, Lux [and] Senna,” Lauren captioned a sweet snap of her newborns.

Both Senna and Lux are doing really well. Arie and Lauren have joked that Lux eats like a champ, and it seems he may be out-eating his sister! However, both babies are healthy and happy at home.

Meanwhile, big sister Alessi seems to be adjusting well, too. She has been really doting on her newborn brother and sister, and, when they are sleeping, she spends extra time caring for her baby dolls. In a recent Instagram post, Lauren pointed out that Alessi is paying very close attention to how she and Arie care for the babies because it comes out when she’s playing with her dolls.

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