Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Lauren Burnham Luyendyk Share First Photos, Birth Video of Twins

Arie and Lauren Luyendyk posing on the red carpet.

Getty Images Arie & Lauren Luyendyk.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham Luyendyk have shared their twins with the world! The couple, who met on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” welcomed boy/girl twins on June 11, 2021. The babies join big sister Alessi, 2, officially making the Luyendyks a family of five.

While there was some concern that Lauren would go into labor early on in her pregnancy, the babies stayed past 36 weeks. In fact, Lauren’s last Instagram pregnancy update about the babies on their already-established Instagram account, appropriately called “Luyendyk Twins” was more than one week ago — when she just made it to 36 weeks. The boy twin weighed 6lbs, 5oz, while the girl twin weighed 5lbs, 13oz.

“Never been prouder of my wife than in this moment. She is the strongest woman I know and I’m lucky to be on this incredible journey with her. We are proud parents of a healthy boy and girl,” Arie captioned the first pic of the twins that he shared on Instagram.

The Luyendyks will spend the next few weeks settling in; their new nursery has been under construction for months, but it’s almost complete. Then, when the babies are a little bit older, Arie and Lauren plan to head to their new home in Hawaii for a bit. “We will probably live there 3-4 months out of the year initially,” Lauren previously told Heavy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Arie & Lauren Shared Photos & a Birth Video of the Twins

Arie and Lauren shared a few photos of their newborns, and a video of their arrival via their YouTube channel. As of Monday, June 14, the babies were still in the hospital. Although the couple’s son has been thriving, the little girl has been in the NICU with breathing issues. She is expected to be okay, and hopefully will join the family soon. It’s unknown when Lauren and the babies will be discharged.

Over the weekend, Arie began providing fans with updates after teasing that Lauren’s contractions were getting closer apart. He let fans know that Lauren had been admitted, and that the babies were hooked up to a heart monitor via his Instagram Stories.

“Alright, next time you see me, I’ll probably be holding a couple babies,” Arie said in a video before posting a couple more updates on how Lauren was doing. In one video, Arie shared that Lauren was having a bit of a tough time with nausea. In another, he said that he was going to miss her big belly.

You can watch Arie and Lauren’s special video about the birth of their twins below.

MEET OUR BABIES! TWIN BIRTH VLOG | LAUREN & ARIELauren and babies are healthy and we are happy to share with you the twins birth vlog! Please subscribe to join this incredible journey with us. If you haven't seen these videos, check them out… Finding out we're having twins!… Pregnancy announcement: Twin Pregnancy Q&A:… Subscribe to follow along on our pregnancy…2021-06-15T03:42:34Z

Arie & Lauren Haven’t Shared Their Babies’ Names Yet

Arie and Lauren have not yet released the names of their twins. However, the two have known what they were going to name their twins very early on. In an interview with People magazine, Lauren revealed that she and Arie actually chose the names while she was pregnant with Alessi.

“We’ve had them picked out for the last couple of years. We came up with [our daughter] Alessi’s name. Right after we decided on her name, we actually chose the next two for our boy and our girl. It just ended up working out where we’re now having a boy and a girl. So we’re just gonna use both of those names that we loved,” she told the outlet.

Arie threw a surprise baby shower for Lauren back in April. At the time, they shared the initials of the names they had chosen for their babies, “L” and “S.” In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Lauren confirmed that she and Arie had chosen names that began with these initials.

“Since I am pregnant with twins this time, my belly has grown much larger, faster than before. As you can imagine, this makes shaving especially difficult,” she also told Heavy, later adding, “My first trimester of this pregnancy was difficult. I was so much more sick with these babies, but also much more stressed because we had experienced a loss prior to this pregnancy. I think the stress could have contributed to the way I felt physically in addition to the skyrocketing hormones. After the first trimester ended, I began feeling much better emotionally and physically.”

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