Arie Luyendyk Issues Public Statement After Reel Causes Unexpected Backlash

Arie Luyendyk

Getty Images Arie Luyendyk released a statement following a controversial post about his wife.

Arie Luyekdyk is addressing harsh feedback that he received after he shared a Reel about his wife, Lauren Luyendyk.

On November 23, 2022, the former “Bachelor” star took to Instagram to share a post praising his wife.

“When she’s made 3 beautiful babies and is still a 10,” read the post’s caption over a video of Lauren walking outside wearing a dress and carrying a handbag. “The world needs to know she’s a unicorn,” Arie wrote in the post’s caption.

Lauren liked the post, visiting the comments section to show her approval. “You’re the sweetest babe. Love you,” she wrote.

Several people did not approve of Arie’s post, however, criticizing Arie’s word choice, ultimately causing him to issue a statement to address the backlash.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dozens of People Commented on Arie’s Post

Arie and Lauren met on his season of “The Bachelor” but he ended up getting engaged to Becca Kufrin. After a few weeks Arie felt as though he made a mistake and ended up breaking things off with Kufrin and reaching out to Lauren, who was sent home heartbroken on the show’s finale.

From there, Arie and Lauren grew their relationship and ultimately got married. They now have three children, Alessi, 3, and twins Senna and Lux, 1.

Arie and Lauren are both very active on social media, and while Arie felt that his recent post about his wife was sweet, other people didn’t feel that way.

“So you’re saying some women can give birth to 3 babies and go down numerically…. I don’t like the way this is worded…. Rude,” one comment read.

“She should be a 10 BECAUSE she gave birth to your 3 kids. not in spite of it. what a horrible take, particularly for a guy who’s raising 2 daughters. big yikes,” someone else said.

“Oof. You can compliment your wife on ‘bouncing back’ without the implementation of other women not being able to and bringing them down. Sad post,” a third person added.

“I think you should think before you make these kind of comments mate. Obv Lauren is gorgeous but you kind of intimate that normally women would no longer be a 10 after babies! It’s just a bit ugh,” a fourth Instagram user wrote.

Arie Explained His Post & Said He Was Simply Trying to Make Lauren ‘Feel Good’

As the negative comments piled up on Arie’s Instagram Reel, he decided to clear some things up by posting a public statement to his Instagram Stories.

“Lots of comments about that last real. Obviously it was meant to be a compliment and it in no way meant to say women are ‘less than’ if you have kids. Just trying to make my wife feel good because she works her ass off and has sacrificed a lot when it came to her body after having babies,” he wrote.

“People need to chill. It’s a no way misogynistic and if you think it is then maybe you need to come from a different perspective. It’s honestly exhausting to be on this platform sometimes. People can be so sensitive,” he added.

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