Ashley Iaconetti Shares New Baby Bump Photo & Gives 27-Week Update

Getty Images Ashley Iaconetti gives a 27-week baby update.

Ashley Iaconetti is 27-weeks pregnant with her first baby, and she have given fans an update on how she’s doing — and she’s shared a new baby bump pic, too! The former “Bachelor in Paradise” star is expecting a baby boy in February 2022 with her husband, Jared Haibon.

“I’m afraid this kid is gonna be huge! He was in the 90th percentile for size at my 20 week ultrasound. (A lot of people have told me this doesn’t mean much in the long run.) This photo is me at 25 weeks. You can see my IG story for what my belly currently looks like at 27 weeks,” Ashley captioned a photo of her and Haibon.

The reality star and podcast host gave more details about how she’s doing — and how she’s feeling about her belly — in her Instagram Stories.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Is Thinking Her Baby May Be More Than 9 Pounds at Birth

Ashley took to her Instagram Stories to share a current video of her growing tummy, and she seems convinced that she’s going to have a big baby.

“This is 27 weeks,” Ashley said in a video, turning sideways to show off her bump. “I don’t know if I’m average or if my baby is going to be huge. I feel huge…I feel further along than 27 weeks. I know you’re not supposed to compare experiences and bodies and all that, so let me know if you think I’m on track or if you think I’m going to have a Jared size baby,” she said.

Ashley has frequently shared that her husband weighed more than 10 pounds at birth.

“This is my last week of my second trimester, and I never really hit that second trimester peak that women speak of — where they, like, feel really energetic, and, like, they’re living their best life,” she said, adding, “I felt better than my first trimester, but I was never like, ‘yeah, let’s do life!'”

Ashley Has Been Getting Pregnancy Tips From Friends & 1 Major Celebrity

After a very rough first trimester, Ashley does seem to be feeling much better — and she isn’t getting sick nearly as much as she used to. Of course, there are still some things that she’s got to figure out (one of her recent Instagram Stories asked fans for help with maternity jeans sizing), but she appears to have rounded a corner.

And while Ashley has been getting plenty of support from her family and close friends — like Jade Roper — when it comes to tips and tricks of the mommy-to-be trade, she’s also been getting some messages from a particular celebrity: Jennifer Love Hewitt!

“It’s funny who will come out and DM you and give you support. I have girls that I have met who are friends of my sisters, and I only met with them once or twice and I end up DMing them a whole ton. Jennifer Love Hewitt reached out multiple times and has just been like, ‘You should try this or try that.’ She is like, ‘Taco Bell saved my life.’ She is so sweet,” Ashley told OK! magazine.

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