Ashley Iaconetti Gets Real About Her Decision to Bottle Feed

Ashley Iaconetti.

Getty Images Ashley Iaconetti opened up about her decision to bottle feed her son.

Ashley Iaconetti gave birth to her first child in January 2022.

The reality star, who met her husband on ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise,” had an extremely rough pregnancy, and often took to Instagram to share details about what she was going through.

“I’m certainly no where close to the glowing stereotype of a pregnant woman, but I never imagined myself being that either. I wake up in wet sheets from night sweats daily… the constipation is gnarly…the acne has my self-confidence down (and no, it’s not my prenatal. I take one without biotin intentionally)…the congestion and post-nasal drip is disgusting and often nausea-inducing,” she captioned a post on September 9, 2021.

After she and Jared Haibon welcomed their son Dawson, some fans noticed that Iaconetti wasn’t breastfeeding. Instead, the new mom decided to bottle feed her newborn. On March 22, 2022, Iaconetti explained her decision in a lengthy Instagram caption that accompanied a photo of her giving Dawson a bottle.

Here’s what you need to know:

Iaconetti Felt That Bottle Feeding Would Be the Best Option for Her & Dawson

Like every new mom, Iaconetti needed to make several decisions about her baby, and she had to work out a plan that worked for her, Haibon, and the newborn. One of those decisions came to feeding Dawson — and, for Iaconetti, the choice was really a no brainer.

“I knew that my body needed to be only mine again after a rough pregnancy. My body needed a break. It didn’t need to learn to do something new again. Growing a human was enough for this year. It was awesome how pretty much instantly after birth I felt ‘normal” again.’ This is a feeling I feared I’d never feel again,” Iaconetti wrote.

“Chugging water for the first time in nine months was so satisfying!! I didn’t want my body to have to struggle again if breastfeeding didn’t come easy, which it so often doesn’t. I knew the frustration that could come with that challenge wasn’t going to be good for my soul. Dawson deserves the best version of me,” Iaconetti continued.

Iaconetti also said they she felt as though bottle feeding would allow for her to get more rest, and she knew that it would to “share feeding duties” with Haibon.

Iaconetti Received a Ton of Support From Fellow Bachelor Nation Moms & From Fans

Shortly after Iaconetti shared her post, several fans and Bachelor Nation moms took to the comments section to show her support.

“Love you Ashley!! You are the best momma,” wrote Iaconetti’s good pal Jade Roper.

“I’m so proud of you for choosing to do what is BEST for you and your sweet boy. I breastfed both of my babies and for the next baby we have I’m seriously thinking about bottle feeding for mental health…. it’s funny bc in a lot of ways breastfeeding needs to be normalized, but so does bottle feeding. Mothering – were damned if we do, we’re damned if we don’t. PROUD OF YOU for doing what’s best for you and so happy that everyone in your circle supports you. Dawson boy was born into an amazing family,” added former “Bachelor” contestant Jamie Otis.

“Ashley! this is amazing & so refreshing to read. whatever brings out the best version of you is always going to be what’s best for baby— what a great mama,” Jen Saviano from Nick Viall’s season commented.

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