Ashley Iaconetti Reveals Why She’s Been ‘Hesitant to Post’ About Her Pregnancy

Getty Images Jared Haibon & Ashley Iaconetti on the red carpet.

Ashley Iaconetti is pregnant with her first child, and has been sharing updates about how she has been feeling since announcing the exciting news. Ashley and her husband, Jared Haibon, were fairly candid about the conceiving process, telling Heavy exclusively that they tired to get pregnant for seven months before it happened.

In that same interview, Ashley told Heavy that, although she’s excited to become a mom, she’s had an extremely  rough time with sickness, and just not feeling herself. Ashley has further expressed the difficulties of being pregnant on Instagram — and, apparently, she has received some negative feedback.

Ashley and Jared plan to share both the good and the bad aspects of pregnancy, giving fans an honest look at how things really are in the Iaconetti-Haibon household before baby Haibon makes his or her debut in February. For some people, however, that’s not acceptable — and Ashley has spoken out about it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Admits She’s ‘Hesitant to Post’ on Social Media Because of the Mean Comments

Ashley has been very real about her pregnancy experience, and has shared that her first trimester had been really tough. In fact, she told Heavy, “I have not enjoyed this pregnancy at all. Like, I don’t understand people. Like, I truly don’t get how people can be like, ‘oh, I loved being pregnant.’ Like, it makes me want to punch them in the face!”

In an Instagram post on August 10, Ashley shared a close-up photo of the pregnancy acne that she has on her cheeks and on her neck. “This is when hormones attack!” she wrote in the caption, going on to express how she just hasn’t been dialed in to skincare, and how she hasn’t felt much like herself.

In the second half of the post, Ashley explained that she’s been getting some not-so-nice messages on social media, making her “hesitant to post” more frequently.

“I’ve been hesitant to post more regular updates on my pregnancy because .5% of people (who I know I shouldn’t let get to me) will say ‘All you talk about is being pregnant’ or ‘Put on some makeup and smile’ or ‘You’re being dramatic! Suck it up!’ or ‘All you do is complain! Be grateful,'” Ashley wrote.

“Just because I don’t enjoy my pregnancy doesn’t mean I’m not thankful or feel immensely blessed. I’ve never been able to conceal my emotions (as Bachelor Nation knows) and I’m not going to put out some fake smiley photos that don’t accurate depict how I feel. For the mass majority of you that appreciate the unfiltered, thank you! Thank you for all the loving & supportive messages! The messages I’m getting from other women currently pregnant or who have gone through rough pregnancies in the past mentally helped me a ton!” she added.

Ashley Has Shared 1 Photo of Her Baby Bump so Far

A quick peek at Ashley’s Instagram feed and fans will see that she hasn’t shared too many pregnancy highs over the past few weeks. However, many fans appreciate that she’s going through it, and that she’s being very real with the content that she chooses to share.

Just a few weeks after the pregnancy announcement, Ashley shared the very first photo of her baby bump at 13 weeks. “Is this a baby bump or the Wendy’s I had today with a side of pregnancy constipation?” Ashley jokingly asked her fans on August 3, 2021.

As previously reported by Heavy, Ashley’s more recent Instagram posts seem to suggest that she is more energized heading into her second trimester. Of course, fans hope that she really starts to feel better so she can enjoy the next few months before she and Jared meet their newborn.

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