‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple’s Pregnancy Update: ‘Next Week We’ll Know’

A pregnancy test in the grass.

Pixabay A pregnancy test.

Bachelor in Paradise couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now. On Monday, March 1, Iaconetti gave an update on where they are at in the process — and she admitted that they may have some exciting news to share next week!

“It’s time for a trying to conceive update,” Iaconetti said on her Instagram stories.

“Jared and I have tried on five cycles thus far,” she explained. While they haven’t had any baby news just yet, it is possible that she’s with child right now.

“Next week we’ll know. I’m supposed to get my period next week. This is such a weird thing to share,” Iaconetti said.

Iaconetti and Haibon became friends after appearing together on Bachelor in Paradise. The two dated other people over the years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level. They ended up falling in love, and they got engaged on a later season of the show, according to Entertainment Tonight. They got married in August 2019, and started trying to conceive last summer.

Here’s what you need to know:

Iaconetti Suggests Letting Your Body Regulate for a few Months Once Stopping the Pill

While she admits she isn’t a doctor, Iaconetti has been sharing quite a bit about her journey to conceive. As previously reported by Heavy, she spoke candidly about her cycle on her “I Don’t Get it” podcast last month.

“[My cycle] is 27 days, but I just figured this out, which I think is going to affect the baby freaking making,” she previously said.

This week, she once again opened up about what she and Haibon may have been doing incorrectly, and she seems to be feeling more confident about tracking ovulation in hopes of getting pregnant soon.

“[We] were missing having sex on some very fertile ‘peak’ days, ovulation days. So, my best advice is, if you’re on the pill right now, and you’re thinking about trying to conceive within the next six months? Get off now. I’d say give yourself four months off the pill before you start trying,” Iaconetti suggested.

She encouraged women to allow themselves to regulate their cycles, and track it using an app or another method that works for the individual.

Iaconetti Admitted She’s a Little ‘Disappointed’ That She Hasn’t Gotten Pregnant yet

Iaconetti realizes that she and Haibon are pretty early in their pregnancy journey, but she did admit that she’s a little bit disappointed that she hasn’t conceived yet.

“Feeling like we got it down pat, five months in, that’s okay,” Iaconetti said, smiling. “While I know where we’re at is totally still in the realm of ‘normal,’ it is kind of a little bit disappointing for me to know that most people — 65% of people in my age range — conceived within three months of trying.”

“But it’s okay. We’ll be fine,” she added. She then joked about enjoying “peace and quiet time” every month that goes by that she isn’t pregnant.

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