‘Bachelor’ Alum Cancels Wedding: ‘I Came to My Senses’

Runaway bride

Getty Runaway Bride.

All of Bachelor Nation is buzzing about the runaway bride who called off her wedding at the last minute, but had the party anyway.

Jacqueline Trumbull, who was on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of “The Bachelor” (season 22), was set to walk down the aisle with fiancé Paul Seli in July. It was a destination wedding in Portugal. But the bride-to-be had a change of heart two weeks before the ceremony, according to Us Weekly.

Wedding Off. Party On.

Trumbull posted a picture on Instagram on August 3 of her and her wedding party celebrating on a boat. She captioned the photo with, “a deep thank you to all my wonderful friends and family…for coming out to Portugal even though I chose to not get married and end my relationship.”

The runaway bride continued, “Almost all my wedding guests came out and showered me with love and support. It was an incredibly moving week. I’ll never forget the kindness of my friends during such a difficult time.”

According to Psychology Today, a runaway bride “is a woman who cancels her wedding very close to the time of the ceremony or who even runs away from the ceremony itself.” While Trumbull didn’t quite make it down the aisle, her decision to call off the wedding came decidedly close to the big day, essentially blindsiding Seli.

The jilted groom and self-taught artist took to Instagram on July 27, posting that “the past month has been somewhat hellish.”

Both Seli and Trumbull have been relatively tight-lipped about the reason for the breakup. Trumbull told Us Weekly that she didn’t want to bad mouth her ex on social media. However, she did reveal, “I realized we had irresolvable incompatibilities. I love him and want him to find happiness with someone who is more right for him. Much of our relationship was wonderful and I will always be rooting for him on the sidelines.”

Trumbull was a little more forthcoming when answering questions on social media. An Instagram user asked in the comment section, “what changed,” to which Trumbull replied, “I came to my senses.”

Psychology Today provides some insights into why a bride would call off the wedding, stating that “explanations for this behavior include reasons such as (a) an intrinsic fear of not being able to follow through on any serious undertaking, (b) a phobia about long-term commitment, and (c) a lack of genuine love for the partner. In many cases, the explanation involves a combination of these reasons.”

Then again, sometimes she just discovers something she didn’t know about her intended groom, and as Trumbull put it, comes to her senses. Trumbull has not yet revealed her true reasons for cancelling the wedding so close to the date.

‘He’s Such a Good Liar’

Trumbull was originally thrilled about the surprise proposal she got from Seli. According to Extra, Seli popped the question after the couple had been dating for two years. Shortly afterwards, Trumbull posted on Instagram “Paul pulled off the most amazing proposal!!!!… I thought we were going to an art gallery to film some b roll… Then, he walks out from around a corner and proposes.

Trumbull continued, “I’m floored (he’s supposed to be in Durham, and he is SUCH A GOOD LIAR he really had me thinking he was going to propose in January in Durham.)…As I’m recovering from the shock proposal, a group of our best friends walks out around the corner, followed by my parents.”

The “Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” alum once again received the support of her friends and family in Portugal after the wedding was cancelled. “Gotta party with loved ones and make memories regardless” one Instagram user posted.

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