Bachelor Fans Can’t Stop Watching This ‘Cringeworthy’ Clip

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There have been plenty of cringeworthy moments in Bachelor Nation history. But none have been quite so awkward, or quite so enduring, as Kasey Kahl serenading Ali Fedotowsky after a helicopter ride in Iceland on season 6 of “The Bachelorette.”

Secondhand Embarrassment is Inevitable

Archive:Kasey Sings to AliKasey serenades Ali in a very awkward way ;D2015-05-02T12:46:50Z

The clip was recently posted as a throwback moment on Reddit, and both old fans and new could not stop talking about it. Or watching it. One Reddit user posted, “This lives rent free in my head for life 😂😂.”  Another exclaimed, “Noooooo I still cringed as hard as the first time.” A poster with similar feelings called it “a transcendent level of cringe.”

Someone else posted, “Ya know internally sometimes I’m like ‘we reference this too much on the sub,’ but then I rewatch and laugh every time.” Another comment read, “Everytime I see this video it’s against my will the second I even see a still from the video I’m gagging trying not to throw up from second hand embarrassment.” And yet, they keep on watching it. One person wrote, “I still died a little bit inside after all these years lol.”

The humorous reactions just kept coming. One fan observed, “The best part is that Ali did an ITM saying all she wanted was for Kasey to not do anything weird during their date and he went ahead and did… that.

Another user expressed, “Kasey is The Bachelor cringe equivalent of The Office’s Scott’s Tots episode. I can’t even watch it but I can hear him singing in my nightmares.”  This poster is referring to an episode of the American version of the hit TV show, “The Office,” in which the main character, Michael Scott, had to tell an entire graduating class of high school students that his promise to pay for their college was a lie. (Equally painful to watch – but at least that was fictional).

One Reddit user shared, “This is one of the sole snippets of the Bachelorette that I deemed worthy of sharing with my kids bc of the cringe laughs…” Someone else reflected, “This still makes my skin crawl to this day. I don’t know what it was about this guy haha.” Another user “Can only watch this on mute while squinting.”

Things Got Even Worse from There…

Kasey Gets Left Out In The Cold – The BachelorAli dumped Kasey and left him out in the cold… literally. #Bachelor202016-01-28T23:21:39Z

One of the comments on Reddit was, “This and his tattoo is the most memorable thing of this entire franchise.”  It is hard to talk about Kasey Kahl without mentioning the mortifying tattoo.

On the same trip to Iceland where Kahl serenaded Fedotowsky, he got a tattoo for her which mirrored what he said coming out of the limo on night one: “I’m here to guard and protect your heart.” When Kahl showed the tattoo to the Bachelorette, she seemed extremely uncomfortable.

Things got even more awkward when she told him she could not give him a rose and left him on a glacier crying as she got into the helicopter and flew away. In the episode, Kahl lamented in a voice over while standing alone in the cold, “I got the tattoo because I wanted to show her that no matter what I say, that’s how I feel. It’s genuine. It’s just difficult to put that out there and then for her to say, ‘It’s just not good enough.’”

According to Yahoo!, Kahl still has the tattoo, but it has been “regifted.”  He proudly explained on Ali’s episode of “The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!” “I got my wife and I’s anniversary day, wedding anniversary, which is coming up on five years, right above the tattoo. Now it means even more to me than I could imagine, so I’m very thankful for it.” As Yahoo! reports, “Many fans could not believe Kasey still had the tattoo and modified it for his wife.”

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