‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: Which Couples Are Still Together & Engaged?

Bachelor in Paradise finale

ABC Bachelor in Paradise couples.

The seventh season of   “Bachelor in Paradise” was full of highs, lows, and a rotating lineup of guest hosts – some that made more sense than others.

But in the end, it was all about the Neil lane bling. So, were there any “Paradise” proposals on the beach this season?  And if so, are the engaged couples still together?

Here’s what you need to know.

Warning: Spoilers for the “Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7 finale are below:

Three of the Finale Night Couples Are Still Together

Serena Pitt Joe Amabile

ABCSerena Pitt Joe Amabile

In a blog post shared on Oct. 5, 2021, spoiler king Reality Steve revealed the status of the final couples on “Bachelor in Paradise.”  Months after originally revealing who got engaged at the end of the show, the “Bachelor” blogger revealed that Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt are still together, despite a teaser that Joe’s former fiancée Kendall Long returns to the Playa Escondida Resort one last time for the finale.

Reality Steve also confirmed that couples Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch and Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian are also still engaged after their proposals on the beach in Mexico over the summer.

“They’re definitely still engaged,” Reality Steve wrote of Joe and Serena. “As are Mari/Kenny & Maurissa/Riley. None of those have changed since filming ended at the end of June.”

Fans have been skeptical of some of the couples’ chances for survival, most notably Joe and Serena. The lovebirds don’t just live in separate states, but in separate countries, and some fans think they will have an issue if Serena doesn’t agree to move from Canada to Joe’s hometown of Chicago. The two also have an 11-year age gap between them. (Joe is 34 while Serena is just 23).

ABCKenny Braasch & Mari Pepin.

As for Mari and Kenny, in late August,  Bustle posted clues that they were still a couple, and that does not seem to have changed based on the latest spoilers. Kenny, 40, did express concern over their 15-year age gap before he proposed to Mari, 25.

ABCMaurissa Gunn & Riley Christian.

And while they’ve been a little more low-key, Reality Steve previously confirmed that Maurissa and Riley were still going strong.

“Maurissa and Riley are the only two from the engaged couples that haven’t been spotted publicly since filming ended, but they have seen each other,” he wrote in late August. “They’re just better at hiding it than these two who hang out in large crowds and in large cities all the time.”

Abigail Heringer & Noah Erb Are Also Thought to Be a Thing –Again

ABCDid Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb really split on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Fans saw several couples break up during the final two episodes of “Bachelor in Paradise.” While they were thought to be one of the most solid couples in “Paradise,” Abigail Heringer’s was boindsided when Noah Erb began to waffle about their connection in the penultimate episode of the ABC dating show. To make matters worse, Noah broke things off with Abigail during the “Bachelor in Paradise” prom.

But three months after filming wrapped, the two were spotted together at a coffee shop in Oklahoma.  According to  Weekly, on his Instagram story, Noah also recently posted a cryptic message about rumors that have been “swirling around,” and a woman’s laughter was heard in the background. Some fans thought the giggles sounded like Abigail.

If they are back together, Abigail and Noah aren’t engaged – at least not “Paradise” style. They gave up their right to a free Neil Lane sparkler when they parted ways before the finale episode was filmed.

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