‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Calls Out Producers For Edited Cast Photo

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A “Bachelor in Paradise” star has a bone to pick with production.

After the official cast photos for the seventh season of the ABC dating show were released, cast member Victoria Paul called out producers for her picture-perfect portrait in which there wasn’t a hair out of place.

The reality star, who first appeared on Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor” in 2020,  took to Instagram to post her edited cast pic next to what she really looked like for the photoshoot. In her behind-the-scenes snaps, Paul was even wearing slippers from Justin Bieber’s Drew House with her magenta halter mini dress.

“What filter is this @bachelorinparadise????” Paul wrote of her edited cast photo, which can be seen below, along with her “real” pics.


Several stars from the rose-filled reality show reacted to Paul’s post.

“We love some honest transparency,” wrote “Bachelor in Paradise” castmate Serena Chew.

“I  prefer the 2nd photo tbh,” added fellow “Bachelor” alum, Victoria Fuller.

“Plz tell me you’re wearing those slippers in the first photo,” chimed in franchise alum, Connor Brennan, to which Paul replied, “If he can’t accept me in my slippers, he ain’t the one. Had to find out right away, ya know????

Victoria Paul Has Been Vocal About How She Doesn’t Aspire to Be Perfect

Paul’s public call-out of her too-perfect topic isn’t a huge surprise. On her Instagram bio, the Nashville-based nurse previously revealed that she is “chasing grace, not perfection.”

Paul’s unedited “Paradise” pics were shared one day after she posted a powerful message about self-love to her Instagram page. The post featured a short video of her dancing in a bedroom, unfiltered in a bikini.

“What if we were less concerned with the shape of our bodies and more of the condition of our hearts?” she captioned the clip. “What if we could own our faults, flaws, and failures without fear? Fear people might actually see that we aren’t perfect.”

Paul added that she is a “quirky, flawed, ever-growing human” who is “accepting and loving all of who I am so that you don’t have to. ”

‘The Bachelor’ Franchise Has a History With Bad Photoshop

This isn’t the first time “The Bachelor” franchise has been accused of editing or Photoshop something with Paul in it. In February 2020, Weber’s season was roasted for a really bad Photoshop job after a group of his girls posed for a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine during a group date in Costa Rica.

Because the girls’ skimpy swimwear showed off too much skin, the womens’ thong bikini bottoms were digitally altered to cover the behinds. But someone was a little heavy-handed with the colorizing, and the botched editing job spawned some hilarious social media memes, according to Access.

The bad editing could be clearly seen on Victoria Fuller’s red bikini during a shoot in front of a waterfall. Paul was also a victim of the bad paint job, with TMZ noting that  her yellow bikini for the group date “was made to look like she had a flap on her backside.”

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