‘Bachelor’ Couple Expecting Second Baby

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Johannes Jander A pregnancy test sits on a bathroom sink.

Another baby is on the way for former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk and his wife Lauren Burnham Luyendyk.

The couple announced the news through a video on their YouTube channel. “We’re pregnant,” they said, with Luyendyk adding, “We’ve known for a while and we’ve been trying to hide it.”

Burnham Luyendyk continued, “It’s so hard to keep it a secret, that’s why I haven’t been, if you guys follow me on social media, I’ve been a little bit MIA because I have a really hard time not being transparent so I’ve been hiding… I’ve also been really sick.”

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The couple, who met on season 22 of The Bachelor, are already parents to daughter Alessi. Their announcement comes just months after they revealed a miscarriage.

Despite announcing their first pregnancy at 11 weeks, this time they held off until they officially hit 12 weeks.

“I thought there was going to be bad news, but then there wasn’t. Um, had a couple freakouts, you know, because I feel like I have a little bit of PTSD from the miscarriage we had earlier this year,” said the Shades of Rose designer. “So like anytime my extreme nausea went away, I was like, ‘Oh my god, are they okay?’ I would call my doctor crying, ‘What’s happening, are they okay?’ She’s like talking me off the ledge. But everything’s good.”

The video ends with a teaser, with “There’s more to the story…” written on the screen before the couple can be heard seemingly shocked by news at an ultrasound. This teaser, combined with her use of the word “they,” has led some commenters to hypothesize the couple could be expecting multiples.

Baby Luyendyk is due in July 2021.

The Couple Previously Experienced a Miscarriage

VideoVideo related to ‘bachelor’ couple expecting second baby2020-12-20T06:41:05-05:00

The video announcing her pregnancy is titled, “Finding out we’re pregnant with our rainbow baby!” A rainbow baby is a term used to describe a child after pregnancy or infancy loss.

The Luyendyk’s rainbow baby, or babies, comes months after they revealed in May that Burnham Luyendyk had suffered a “missed miscarriage.” In that video, their doctor shares that this is the most common form of miscarriage, where the body continues as if pregnant, but the fetus has stopped developing.

When sharing the news on YouTube, they revealed Burnham Luyendyk was originally going to fake a positive pregnancy test as a prank on the former racecar driver after he suggested she might be pregnant. The prank took a shocking turn, revealing the couple was in fact expecting. However, subsequent doctor visits revealed a lack of proper development in the pregnancy.

“So it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, going from like scared at first a little bit because it was so soon then happy then just stress and worry for weeks on end and then obviously today was the bad news,” Luyendyk said about their journey with miscarriage. “And it’s something that, you know, you can never really prepare for.”

Bachelor Nation Is Celebrating the News

After posting the video on YouTube, the couple shared posts to their respective Instagram accounts announcing the pregnancy. Bachelor Nation alum took to the comments to celebrate them.

“Crying with you!! So excited for your family. Congrats, Lauren!” wrote Jade Roper Tolbert, who has previously shared her experience with miscarriage.

Raven Gates added, “Omg I’m crying!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Lauren!!”

Some Bachelorettes showed up in the comments for Luyendyk’s post, with Ali Fedotowsky Manno writing, “Yay!!!!! So exciting! Congrats. Soooo you’re saying [there’s] a chance… for 2021,” while Clare Crawley wrote, “Stoopppppp… congrats!!!!!”

The couple will be sharing follow-up news on December 21, 2020.

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