The Funniest Bachelor Memes After Susie Evans Uproar

bachelor memes

Twitter Bachelor memes are flying.

Memes flew on Twitter after the wild fantasy suite controversy with Susie Evans.

On the March 8 episode of the “Bachelor,” there were major fireworks between Evans and Clayton Echard. Stop reading if you don’t want to get spoilers! Even for fans who already didn’t like Echard, or just considered him boring, what happened between Clayton and Susie was a big surprise because of how far he went.

On the overnight date, Evans pressed Echard on whether he had sex with the other two women left on the show, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey. Both women were also finalists, and they had overnight dates before Evans. That was part of the problem, likely: She was last.

She didn’t like the answer. Fireworks, and memes, resulted.

You can see some of the funniest memes, jokes, and GIFS throughout this article.

Here’s what you need to know:

People Mocked Echard on Twitter, Accusing Him of Gaslighting Evans

Some people accused Echard of “gaslighting” Evans, pointing out it was International Women’s Day. Some people felt she was well in her rights to be upset that Echard had sex with the other two women; other people felt that she should have recognized she was on a show where the entire concept was dating multiple people at once.

Others declared that Echard was the worst Bachelor ever.

“I’m shocked at the turn of events. If Clayton felt that strongly about her why did go that far with everyone else. #TheBachelor,” wrote one fan.

Some people mocked Echard’s outfit.

Some people imagined what the other two women felt.

People mocked the fact Echard admitted he was in love with all three women.

Other people fantasized about Echard getting dumped by all three women.

Echard Told Evans He Was ‘Most’ in Love With Her

During the show, Evans said, “I can see myself getting engaged to this man, I can see myself having a family with him. But I’m hoping that he takes, like, physical intimacy as seriously as I do. … If I find out that he’s falling in love with other women or that he has become physically intimate with another woman, that would be devastating.”

Echard told Evans he was “most” in love with her, but she expressed that she wouldn’t be able to get over it if he slept with other women.

Echard then blew up at Evans, asking her to leave the show and saying, “You just dropped a bombshell on me, and I don’t agree with it at all how you went about it. I think it’s BS…I really did love you.”

Host Jesse Palmer spoke to Glamour Magazine about the job and how “wild” the Women Tell All got. He said,

I don’t know where I am right now. What’s crazy is I’ve done this before as the Bachelor. I was there, and I remember that seat being hot, but not like tonight. I wasn’t prepared for how wild it was going to get. It was insanity at times. I also had no idea it was this long of a day, really. Watching them all these years, I thought, Two-hour show, no problem. Just rip through those interviews. Now I have a whole newfound appreciation for this. Women Tell All is no joke.

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