‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Cast Spoilers for Season 8 Hint at Drama & Chaos

Wells Adams

ABC Wells Adams leads a moment on "Bachelor in Paradise."

The premiere of “Bachelor in Paradise” season 8 is right around the corner, and spoilers regarding what fans can expect are emerging. Jesse Palmer will host, and Wells Adams will be back in his usual role. In his May 27 podcast, spoiler king Reality Steve shared some additional tidbits he has gathered at this early stage. Contestants will head to Mexico soon and filming should start shortly after that.

Here’s what you need to know:

Many Recent Contestants Will Be in Paradise

As is typically the case, Reality Steve noted a significant portion of the season 8 “Bachelor in Paradise” cast will come from Clayton Echard’s “The Bachelor” season that aired in early 2022. In addition, Reality Steve suggested somewhere between six to nine bachelors from Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s upcoming “The Bachelorette” journey will join the cast.

Reality Steve shared details on some of the other potential contestants that he has heard may become part of the season 8 cast. Justin Glaze and Andrew Milcovich are apparently in the mix, as well as Brandon Jones, Olu Onajide, Rodney Mathews, and Rich Leach from Michelle Young’s run. The spoiler guru also revealed that fan-favorite contestant Michael Aillo from Thurston’s cast will be there. Allio left filming Thurston’s season early, even though he made it to the final four, because he felt he needed to get home to his young son. He won the hearts of Thurston and viewers by opening up about the death of his wife in 2019, noted The U.S. Sun.

Echard’s Ladies Will Surely Bring the Drama

As for ladies from Echard’s run as “The Bachelor,” there is quite the mix of women rumored to be joining “Bachelor in Paradise.” Reality Steve suggested the group will probably include Cassidy Timbrooks, Eliza Isichei, Genevieve Parisi, and Hunter Haag. Additional likely contestants from Echard’s season include Jill Chin, Kira Mengistu, Sierra Jackson, Serene Russell, and Teddi Wright.

Reality Steve also shared that Salley Carson is expected to be a member of the “BiP” cast. As “The Bachelor” fans will recall, Carson was part of Echard’s season, but she eliminated herself before things even got started. As The U.S. Sun detailed, Carson was engaged and called off her wedding just weeks before leaving for “The Bachelor.”

As an insider detailed, “Salley ended it. There was infidelity on his part, he was unfaithful and that’s when things ended for good.” Carson decided she wasn’t ready to pursue a new relationship when Echard’s season started filming, but she seems to feel differently now. In fact, Reality Steve noted that Carson and Glaze are said to be romantically involved with one another already. That kind of thing has certainly backfired in the past, so fans will be curious to see how it goes in season 8.

Additional names will emerge as filming begins, and Reality Steve noted that once again, there will probably be around 35 people cast in total. The “Bachelor in Paradise” spoiler king noted he has heard James Bonsall is heading to paradise again, and if Bonsall is going, Reality Steve suggested Aaron Clancy would probably be there too. It’s shaping up to be a wild ride and fans cannot wait to get started.

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