‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021 for ‘Women Tell All’

Bachelor contestants at "Women Tell All"

ABC Eight former contestants of "The Bachelor" during the "Women Tell All" special.

Just three women are left in the competition for Matt James’ heart on The Bachelor, but before that journey proceeds with “Fantasy Suite” dates, the show will first take a detour down memory lane with the “Women Tell All” special.

The special was filmed at the beginning of February, so — despite controversy in February that led him to Chris Harrison “stepping aside for a period of time” as host — it will still be Harrison acting as moderator among the eliminated women.

Spoilers about the “Women Tell All” have been few and far between, though. Here’s what we know so far about the reunion special for season 25 of The Bachelor:


Victoria Larson Half-Heartedly Apologizes

“Queen Victoria” left a wake of destruction during her time on The Bachelor, feuding with Marylynn Sienna, Sarah Trott, Katie Thurston, and others during her time on the show. After receiving a resoundingly negative reaction from viewers, Larson is ready to apologize … barely.

In a preview for the “Women Tell All,” Larson was shown tearfully explaining that her involvement in drama was because she “was going through, like, levels of pain.” That excuse didn’t seem to sit well with the other women and Mari Pepin was shown saying, “That’s fake as hell,” although it’s not clear if she was actually talking to Larson in that moment.

A clip posted by @bachelornation.scoop on Instagram made Larson’s apologies look much less sincere, though.

While wearing a crown, Larson is shown telling contestant Ryan Claytor that she apologizes “for the specific ‘ho’ comments.” When Claytor said it was hard to hear herself called those names on national television, Larson immediately undermines her apology by asking Claytor if she’s a “super sensitive” person. She later says she’s been called names on the Internet and a “bully” on television and it didn’t bother her.

If Larson thought she’d win back fans with her “Women Tell All” appearance, the clips that have been released so far indicate it’s just more of the same from the self-proclaimed “Queen.”

Abigail Heringer & Serena Pitt Sit in the Hot Seat

Previews of the episode have shown two of the more recently eliminated contestants, Heringer and Pitt, will be in the spotlight, which is unsurprisingly given the impact they had on the show.

Heringer was a fan favorite from night one when she opened up about her hearing impairment and received the First Impression Rose. While her relationship with James eventually fizzled, Heringer is considered one of the favorites to be named the next lead of The Bachelorette, despite not finishing in the top five. Don’t expect ABC to drop any hints about who will be filling that role quite yet.

Pitt will also sit down with Harrison after her abrupt departure in the previous episode. After a hometown date that seemed to go well and several indications that James was ready to keep Pitt around longer, she decided to leave on her own accord. Previews for the “Women Tell All” show that she may have regrets about that decision.

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