‘Bachelor’ Villain Calls Fans ‘Mean’ & ‘Invasive’ During Explosive Q&A

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Asking fans to send in anonymous questions and comments on an Instagram Stories Q&A is a risky venture for any Bachelor nation star, especially when they know they are not well-liked. But trouble is almost certainly destined to ensue when the villain in question has publicly announced that they want nothing more to do with the Bachelor franchise. Tammy Ly was willing to take those risks and it did not go well for her.

According to Monsters & Critics, “Tammy Ly took to her Instagram Stories and encouraged her fans to send her anonymous messages. Some critics called Tammy out for continuing to discuss The Bachelor franchise despite claiming she’s moving on from the show.”

A Tammy Ly Refresher Course

For those who are having trouble remembering exactly who this “Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” villain is, here is a quick refresher course: Ly appeared on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor (season 24) as well as season seven of BIP.

In both shows, she caused quite a stir. On “The Bachelor,” Ly was known for starting trouble among the women.  She especially butted heads with fellow contestant Mykenna Dorn, which landed both of them on the dreaded 2-on-1 date. Both women told Weber that the other one was an awful person, but Weber ended up believing Dorn, and walking Ly out.

It was a moment of glory for many Bachelor fans. One YouTuber commented, “Tammy is low key the definition of a bully. Hope she watches this back and learns some things.” Another expressed, “Tammy really made herself look bad on national tv. Immature and judging with Kelsey and McKenna, calling out people’s weaknesses at the same time using foul language. I’m glad she’s gone.”

Ly had a chance to redeem herself when she showed up on the beaches of BIP, but instead she continued her villainous ways. She started dating Aaron Clancy, then suddenly dumped him for his rival, Thomas Jacobs. In a karmic of turn events, Jacobs dropped Ly for Becca Kufrin, and the two are now engaged and just bought a house together.

The Latest Skirmish

Ly recently asked fans to send in anonymous questions on Instagram stories, and viewers did not hold back. As Monsters & Critics explains, when an anonymous viewer asked, “Why did you say you’re quitting bachelor nation yet you still talk about it all the time?” Ly tried to redefine what the word “quitting” means.

She responded, “When I said ‘quitting’ – I am distancing myself from being extremely involved in the franchise. I am allowed to talk about whatever I want & I don’t talk about it ALL the time. I talk about the show when it’s relating to something I’m speaking about or my life. My experiences, my friends experiences, things I hear that I disagree/agree with. I can still watch the show and not be heavily involved in it anymore and have opinions.”

Another commenter pointed out, “Girl you said you’re quitting bachelor nation and then you went on 25 Bachelor podcasts to talk about it. That’s why people give you s**t. And you still identify as BN on all your social media. You can be part of it but don’t pretend you’re quitting lol.”

According to the outlet, Ly corrected the poster, explaining that she has not done 25 podcasts since she “quit,” she has only done six.  She then continued to define the word “quitting” in her own terms, stating “Quitting’ = no longer being heavily involved in the franchise. It’s not like I’m going back on the show(s) or the BN podcasts.” Ly added, “you can stop being friends with someone and still acknowledge the time and energy you had spent with them.”

When a fan of Ly’s asked, “I feel like out of any reality show, bachelor nation has the most invasive fans, how do you personally deal with that?” Ly agreed that “Bachelor nation fans can be very mean and invasive. Especially when you don’t fit in the generic box they favor. People are all different looks, personalities, and the way they deal with situations.”

This line of reasoning is in sync with previous statements Ly has made about “The Bachelor” franchise and its audiences claiming to want diversity in the cast, but then rejecting anyone who is different. According to Sarah Scoop, in February 2022, Ly stated in another Instagram story, “If you’re not their favorite, and it’s very clear, you are treated like second-hand dog crap, and they don’t care about you or your value or your worth.”

While Ly may not have quit talking about the Bachelor franchise on social media, she vowed that she will never appear on one of their shows again, confirms Monsters & Critics.

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