‘The Bachelorette’ 2020 Schedule: Extra Episode on a New Night

Season 16 of The Bachelorette

ABC/Craig Sjodin Bachelorette Tayshia Adams and her contestants pose at the La Quinta Resort and Club.

The Bachelorette finale is looming, leaving many fans to wonder how so much will be packed into just a couple of weeks. Well, ABC has an answer: add extra episodes.

Next week, The Bachelorette will air on Monday, December 14, and Tuesday, December 15. While production delays amid the coronavirus pandemic caused the show to shift to Tuesday nights this season, fans of the franchise will find familiarity in its typical Monday timeslot now that Dancing with the Stars has ended.

According to Bachelorette Tayshia Adams on her Click Bait! podcast, there are five more episodes left of the season. This fits with the extra episodes Reality Steve previously reported, which includes a December 21 episode.

Fans of the franchise who are expecting the typical season format are anticipating hometown dates, fantasy suites and meeting Adams’ family. Additionally, the Men Tell All special is next week and After the Final Rose is expected to air on December 22.

Stop! Do not read any further if you want to avoid spoilers for season 16 of The Bachelorette.

Here’s what you can expect from the remainder of the season:

The ‘Men Tell All’ Special Will Air Next Week

While there were worries coronavirus safety restrictions would prevent a Men Tell All special, one was filmed in November. This season, however, the special will be set at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania where the upcoming season of The Bachelor was filmed. No audience was in attendance.

“We’ve all just seen the talk show formats going on right now and it’s the best they could do, and God love them for it, but you just can’t beat being in person,” Chris Harrison told Heavy. He added, “I have trouble keeping everybody straight when we’re all in the same room and we’re all talking over each other. I can’t imagine what it would be via Zoom.”

Reality Steve is reporting the majority of contestants, except for the top four, will be in attendance as well as Adams. However, the season’s original lead, Clare Crawley will not participate.

One of Adams’ Top Four Men Quits the Show

Reality Steve has previously reported that Adams will narrow her men down to Brendan Morais, Ivan Hall, Zac Clark and Ben Smith. This year’s hometown dates look a little different amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with the friends and families of the contestants coming to La Quinta Resort and Club.

However, Morais’ family does not participate and he ends up self-eliminating.

Morais and Adams bonded on her first one-on-one of the season over being divorced. Yet, Reality Steve is reporting Morais’ divorce played into his exit. The man behind Reality Steve, Steve Carbone, wrote, “Guess he just wasn’t ready to jump into another relationship.”

Ivan Hall is also eliminated before the final two.

It Is Unclear if Adams Is Still in a Relationship

After Morais’ exit, Adams moves forward with her relationship with Clark. The two do not get engaged.

“From what I’ve heard, Brendan is who Tayshia wanted. And when he left, she was pretty distraught but still ended up picking somebody,” wrote Carbone. “I was told Zac was the one who opened up to her the most and professed his love, whereas it was much tougher for Ben, so ultimately she picked Zac.”

While their connection has been evident, it seems geography may prove detrimental.

“As for where they stand now, that’s anybody’s guess. Some people have told me they aren’t together, some have told me they still are but it’s not that solid, and some have said it’s never gonna last,” wrote Carbone. “She’s a SoCal girl who wants to be an influencer. He runs a sober living facility in NY. So that’s where we are right now.”

Adams’ journey for love continues Monday on ABC at 8/7c.

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