‘The Bachelorette’ 2021 Spoilers for Episode 9: Fantasy Suite Dates

Michelle Young

ABC/Craig Sjodin Michelle Young in Mexico on "The Bachelorette."

With only one week left before Michelle Young could possibly get engaged, it is time for fantasy suite dates on “The Bachelorette.” Traditionally, the lead will have one-on-one dates with each of her three remaining suitors before deciding if she wants to spend the night with them away from the prying eyes of cameras.

As always, they will receive a card reading, “Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the Fantasy Suite.”


So who will get the keys to the fantasy suite? Who will be sent home? Here is what you need to know:

Young & Her 3 Remaining Suitors Travel to Mexico

Young and her final three suitors have packed their bags and headed to Mexico for fantasy suite dates. As ABC put it, “So long, Minnesota! Michelle and her final three men are off to the beautiful beaches of Mexico! On this week’s fantasy suite dates, the remaining suitors will push their boundaries, test their limits, and open up in ways that surprise not only Michelle, but also themselves.”

The episode description continues, “After a trio of exciting and passionate dates, Michelle finds herself questioning—could she be in love with three men at once? Still pondering that question, she’ll head into the rose ceremony with only two roses and one heartbreaking decision to make.”

As was the case during Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor,” the trailer makes it appear that all of the remaining contestants will be roommates for the week. The cohabitation seems to put all the men on edge, each claiming in the preview that their love for Young is strongest.

The remaining contestants are:

  • Brandon Jones, 26, a traveling nurse recruiter from Portland, Oregon
  • Joe Coleman, 28, a real estate developer from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Nayte Olukoya, 27, a sales executive from Austin, Texas

Young & Brandon Jones Ride Horses on the Beach

Brandon Jones is one of Young’s final three contestants. In a sneak peek for the episode, the schoolteacher discusses her relationships with co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe. Young tells the former Bachelorette, “Brandon and I have an incredibly strong connection. He’s been vulnerable. He’s been open.”

As Bristowe pointed out, the couple has both said they are falling in love with each other. Cut to their date and another trailer for the episode shows the duo riding horses on the beach.

“I found something that I’ve never found in my entire life. When I’m with Michelle, literally the world melts away,” he says in a preview of his date. Jones adds, “I truly am deeply in love with Michelle Anne Young. If Michelle chooses me, this is gonna be forever.”

When posed with the option for a fantasy suite, Jones tells Young, “I’m crazy about you. I wanna wake up next to you. Yes, Can I stay the night with you?” They then move to a suite, but before the cameras leave for the night, they kiss in a hot tub with fireworks in the background.

While teasing a twist, the promo for the episode is making it look like Jones pulls Young aside in a last-ditch effort to stay in the competition. However, Reality Steve tweeted in October that Jones is Young’s runner-up this season. Therefore, the 26-year-old is expected to receive a rose this week.

Joe Coleman Screams Michelle Young’s Name as They Go Zip-Lining

Joe Coleman was one of Young’s early frontrunners this season, sharing a love of basketball and the same hometown. Discussing their blossoming relationship with Bristowe ahead of their date, Young explained, “Joe has actually told me that he’s falling in love with me. And everything that I’ve seen about him, I’ve loved.”

The pair go zip-lining for the day portion of their date, with Coleman screaming “Michelle” as he zipped across the jungle. In the promo, he says, “Love is scary. Zip-lining is scary. But I’m ready to do whatever to win Michelle’s heart.”

While Young notes that Coleman is “a little more of a quiet person,” she says, “he is way more vocal than I thought he would be.”

The real estate developer added, “It does feel good to just let loose and scream and just be whatever the moment takes you.” He continued, “Every time that I’m getting more moments with Michelle, I get to learn more and more about her. I could see Michelle definitely being the person that could push me out of my comfort zone.”

The preview for this week shows Coleman kissing Young in bed, confirming the pair chose to stay in the fantasy suite. Wearing the same outfit as on their date, Young says in a confessional, “That just changed everything.”

Coleman is not expected to receive a rose.

Young Goes Sailing With Nayte Olukoya

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya

YouTube/Bachelor Nation

In the preview for this week’s episode, Young and Nayte Olukoya are shown sailing in Mexico. The clip also shows her rubbing mud on the Texas native under an outdoor shower.

She is heard saying, “I’ve never had a feeling like when I kiss Nayte. He is soulmate material.”

Yet, when she was talking with Bristowe ahead of her date, she showed some trepidation. “He grew up in a family where they didn’t say, ‘I love you,’” Young tells the “Dancing With the Stars” winner. “But for me, in a relationship, I do want to hear those words and especially with something as big as an engagement. Could I end up in a situation where I have fallen more for the other person once again? Yeah, I could.”

This week, Olukoya seems to struggle with her other relationships. After seeing the firework display for her date with Jones, the 27-year-old says, “I’ve been so focused on my connection with Michelle that like it wasn’t until tonight that I stopped and realized I’m literally not the only one like literally catching feelings for Michelle.”

The first impression rose recipient is expected to not only receive a rose this week but the final rose of the season. The trailer shows him meeting her parents, an activity typically reserved for the final two contestants. Additionally, Reality Steve reported in October that he leaves the season engaged to Young.

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