​​‘The Bachelorette’ 2022 Spoilers for Episodes 9 & 10: Fantasy Suites

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia

YouTube/Bachelor Nation Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia talk on “The Bachelorette.”

Bachelorettes Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey are hitting a major milestone in this week’s two-episode event: Fantasy Suites. Should the leading ladies choose, they can invite their suitors to an overnight date away from cameras.


As Bachelor Nation will recall, Fantasy Suites proved to be the week everything fell apart for Recchia and Windey on Clayton Echard’s season of “The Bachelor.” The football player told the women he loved them both, convinced them to accept a rose and then broke up with both of them.

In a promo for this week, the pair discussed what it means to be back at this point in the competition.

“To be honest, like, I was so excited for this week but I have like been dreading this week. Because I feel like I am so scared because of what happened to us. Like everything went off the wall,” Recchia said in the clip.

Windey responded, “Yeah, I never wanna make anyone else feel the way that we did. You know, this week is serious. It’s overnights with multiple men. But, as much as I wanna revert back to like, ‘Let’s play. Let’s giggle.’ We do have to utilize this time.”

As Recchia put it, “We get to rewrite what this week means.”

Here is what you need to know:

6 Men Have Fantasy Suite Dates

During Hometown Dates, Recchia sent home Tyler Norris during the day portion of their date. Despite not showing the rose ceremony, host Jesse Palmer revealed during the “Men Tell All” special that all six of the remaining contestants moved forward to Fantasy Suites.

Windey’s remaining contestants are:

  • Erich Schwer, 29, Real Estate Analyst from Bedminster, New Jersey
  • Jason Alabaster, 30, Investment Banker from Santa Monica, California
  • Johnny DePhillipo, 25, Realtor from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

The three men still vying for Recchia’s heart are:

  • Aven Jones, 28, Sales Executive from San Diego, California
  • Tino Franco, 27, General Contractor from Playa Del Rey, California
  • Zach Shallcross, 25, Tech Executive from Anaheim Hills, California

Zach Shallcross Eliminates Himself After His Fantasy Suite

Zach Shallcross’ relationship with Recchia comes crashing down this week. The duo appears to be enjoying each other, laughing while dancing on the street in Mexico. During this week’s preview, Recchia even tells the 25-year-old, “We have the best time. I feel like I fit in perfectly.’

But after the overnight date, everything changes. In a promo, he is seen telling Palmer, “After Fantasy Suite, everything took like a 180. I felt blindsided, that was the last thing I could have ever expected.”

“His conversation with Jesse in Mexico where Jesse is telling him he needs to tell Rachel the truth happens after his overnight date, and I can’t tell you the exact wording because I don’t know, but that’s essentially Zach eliminating himself,” Reality Steve wrote of the situation. “Whether it’s him telling Rachel he’s not ready, or that it’s too serious and he’s not there yet with her, like I said, I don’t know his wording. But that convo with Jesse is a pre-cursor to Zach telling Rachel something that eliminates him at final 3. “

The preview appears to show an emotional Recchia telling Shallcross, “You told me things and then you went back against what you said.”

According to BachelorSherlock, their date will likely air on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

Aven Jones & Recchia Go Sailing

In the week before proposals, Aven Jones is declaring his readiness for marriage. “I’m on cloud nine,” the 28-year-old says in the preview for episodes 9 and 10. “I’m falling in love with you and I’m ready for an engagement.”

And it seems to be smooth sailing for the 28-year-old and Recchia, who are seen kissing on a boat in the clip.

Since Reality Steve has Jones listed as Recchia’s runner-up, it seems like a safe bet that he receives a rose.

Tino Franco Struggles With Recchia’s Other Dates

Tino Franco has been a standout from the very beginning, receiving Recchia’s first impression rose. But, the burgeoning couple hit a roadblock when the 27-year-old’s family shared their skepticism during Hometown Dates. Still, Franco shared that he was falling in love with the pilot and moved forward to Fantasy Suites.

Based on the preview for episodes 9 and 10, Recchia and Franco go horseback riding and kiss on a cliff during the day portion of their date. But during dinner, Recchia brings up her tension with his family. Recchia tells him, “The last thing your dad said to me was like they don’t like me. I’m scared to move forward.”

While Franco’s response remains to be seen, since he is expected to leave engaged to Recchia, they clearly move forward.

During the lead-up to their date, the General Contractor struggles with Recchia having other relationships.

“I know I’m falling in love with Rachel and it’s so hard feeling this strongly about her knowing she’s on an overnight with one of the other guys,” he says during a confessional. “It’s just beyond me at times to think about her being on an overnight. She’s like even exploring other physical connections. It makes me want to throw up.”

Franco also opens up to Palmer.

“The waiting game is just, like, gut-wrenching at times. Every day here when I’m not getting the date card or the invitation or whatever is nails on the chalkboard to me. It is trying my patience beyond anything like I could have ever imagined and it’s not going to make sense to anybody who, like, you know, I explain this to later on. Like, how much I struggled this week, except for you probably,” he tells the former Bachelor. “This would be an easy week to walk away from.”

Is Johnny DePhillipo Ready for Marriage?

Not much is known about Johnny DePhillipo’s Fantasy Suite date and he was barely seen in the preview for the week. In the limited footage of their date, Windey greets the 25-year-old at a pier and is later seen forlornly walking away from him on the beach.

Could he be the suitor she calls out as “reckless?” In the preview, Windey is seen crying and saying, “I’ve tried so hard to not be reckless with other people and he was reckless with me.”

As Bachelor Nation will recall, he admitted to being unsure if he was ready for marriage during Hometown Dates. Either way, he is not expected to make it to the final two, per Reality Steve.

Erich Schwer Dives Into Love with Windey

Erich Schwer and Windey are diving into love! In a preview for this week’s episodes, the pair is seen jumping off a platform into a body of water. Still bathing-suit-clad, Windey is seen telling him, “It means so much that you are here because you have always made me feel so safe.”

However, the pair seem to hit a roadblock later in their date when he is presumably upset by the idea of Windey becoming intimate with the other contestants. The 29-year-old is seen telling her, “I’m picturing the girl that I’m in love with doing that with somebody else. That like crushes me.”

A teary-eyed Windey says in a confessional, “He’s testing me and that’s like not something you do to someone that you love.”

Still, since Reality Steve reported that Windey is engaged to the Real Estate Analyst, it seems safe to assume he receives a rose.

Windey & Jason Alabaster Are a Match for Now

It is game, set, match for Windey and Jason Alabaster who play tennis during the day portion of their fantasy suite date. In the preview for this week, the duo is seen kissing and laughing.

“I want to be fully honest and transparent,” the 30-year-old tells Windey in the preview. While it is unclear what he says, Reality Steve is reporting rumors that Alabaster is in Windey’s final two.

“Yes, I have heard thee rumor of Jason leaving at final 2,” Reality Steve wrote. “Heard it from 3 different places (twice in the last 3 days), but all I care about is getting stuff confirmed. To me, that’s still a rumor. But considering I did hear it from 3 people, if you’re asking me do I think it happened, I’d lean to about 60/40 maybe 65/35 that it does happen that way. We do have footage of Gabby in Mexico walking away and crying and then in an ITM questioning if she can be loved. That could be Jason eliminating himself, but I haven’t gotten that confirmed.”

The two-night Fantasy Suite event will kick off on Monday, September 5, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern time. The dates will continue on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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