​​‘The Bachelorette’ 2022 Spoilers for Episode 7: Hometown Dates

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia

ABC/Gizelle Hernandez Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are looking for love on season 19 of “The Bachelorette.”

It is time to meet the families as Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia go on Hometown Dates.


The leading ladies narrowed their suitors down to seven during an emotional episode 6 of “The Bachelorette.” Last week, they sent home Nate Mitchell, Spencer Swies and Ethan Kang. Logan Palmer also exited the dating competition after testing positive for COVID-19.

Windey is only going on three hometown dates. The men still vying for her heart are:

  • Erich Schwer, 29, Real Estate Analyst from Bedminster, New Jersey
  • Jason Alabaster, 30, Investment Banker from Santa Monica, California
  • Johnny DePhillipo, 25, Realtor from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Recchia’s final four suitors are:

  • Aven Jones, 28, Sales Executive from San Diego, California
  • Tino Franco, 27, General Contractor from Playa Del Rey, California
  • Tyler Norris, 25, Small Business Owner from Wildwood, New Jersey
  • Zach Shallcross, 25, Tech Executive from Anaheim Hills, California

Here is what you need to know:

ABC Promises a ‘Whirlwind Week’

ABC promises Windey and Recchia will have a “whirlwind week” as they go on a cumulative seven one-on-one dates, all in hopes of winning over their contestants’ families.

“Knowing a proposal may be right around the corner, each woman sets off on their cross-country adventure hoping that meeting the men’s families will open the door to finding clarity and possibly even a confession (or two) of love!” according to the episode description. “But family is complicated and with every open door another may close.”

Bachelor Nation fans are used to drama, with some families more open to the journey than clothes. As ABC queried, “Will the ladies be received with open arms? Will the pressure prove to be too much? And who will continue on their journey to win the Bachelorettes’ hearts?”

Recchia Has a Witchy Date with Aven Jones

Recchia heads to Salem, Massachusetts for her one-on-one date with Aven Jones. Their date took place on April 23, 2022, Reality Steve reported.

In a series of tweets, Reality Steve revealed the pair took “a horse carriage ride in Salem, MA to Crow Haven Corner, which is some sort of witch store” and eventually ended up outside of the local seafood restaurant, Finz.

It seems like a safe bet that the 28-year-old Sales Executive receives a rose, with Reality Steve reporting he is one of Recchia’s final two contestants.

Recchia Says Goodbye to Tyler Norris Before Meeting His Family

Recchia and Tyler Norris’ romance ends in his hometown of Wildwood, New Jersey.

According to footage obtained by Reality Steve, the pair went to the Wildwoods Boardwalk on April 25, 2022. During the date, they played games and rode a Ferris Wheel.

However, Norris will greet his family without Recchia by his side, according to Bachelor Whatever.

“Tyler gets eliminated during the day portion of his hometown date with Rachel,” the spoiler account reported. “Because Rachel had already had a hometown date with Aven two days earlier, she felt she was father along with her relationship with him and didn’t feel the same with Tyler, so she didn’t continue on to meet his parents. Tyler then still goes home to meet them without Rachel and they shot footage there.”

This week’s preview shows an emotional Recchia, seemingly leaving their breakup, saying, “I care about him so much and then I hear that – I feel like my heart is breaking.”

During the Men Tell All special, the 25-year-old Small Business Owner shared his appreciation for her honesty, Bachelor Whatever added.

Zach Shallcross Confesses His Love During His Hometown Date

Recchia’s third Hometown Date is with Zach Shallcross on April 27, 2022, Reality Steve reported. Per his tweets, they “went to the Orange Fire Dept in Orange, CA.”

“Again, can sort of see Zach get out of the truck and walk away with Rachel both in fireman’s gear,” Reality Steve captioned footage of their date. He added that the pair were “kissing in the front seat of the fire truck.”

Fans will see a familiar face when Recchia goes home to meet the family. Shallcross’ uncle is the actor Patrick Warburton, who quips in the trailer, “I just feel sorry for those other fellows, that’s all I can say.”

The 25-year-old Tech Executive admits his feelings to Recchia, telling her in the preview, “I’m in love with you, Rachel.”

While Reality Steve reports Shallcross makes it to Mexico for Fantasy Suite Dates, he is expected to self-eliminate in the final three.

Tino Franco’s Dad Calls Out Recchia for ‘Saying All the Right Things’

Recchia’s Hometown Date with Tino Franco is not all roses, as the preview hints.

The pair reunite on April 29, 2022 “at Castaic Lake in LA, then they went to his parents for dinner in Santa Clarita, CA,” Reality Steve tweeted.

At dinner, Franco’s father does not mince his words. In the trailer, Franco is seen telling him, “When you know, you know.” His father is heard responding, “You’re living in like a fairy tale right now.”

Recchia does not escape the hot seat, with Franco’s father telling her, “I mean, you’re saying all the right things but I want to see him fall for the right person.”

But, as it seems, Franco has already fallen in love with the pilot. While the L-word does not escape his mouth in the trailer, he seems to address his feelings when he says, “I feel bad not saying all of this to you earlier.”

The pilot responds, “I have been falling in love with you.”

The 27-year-old General Contractor’s rose is a lock, with Reality Steve reporting he ends the season engaged to Recchia.

Windey’s First Date Is With Erich Schwer

Windey kicks off her Hometown Dates with Erich Schwer, the 29-year-old Real Estate Analyst from Bedminster, New Jersey.

According to Reality Steve, their date was on April 24, 2022. He tweeted photos, writing, “Pics are blurry, but confirmation that Gabby is filming a hometown date in Bedminster, NJ today with Erich Schwer. They were at Natirar Park earlier and now at his family’s house.”

In the preview, Schwer can be seen telling Windey, “It’s scary to like open up and show somebody my entire world.”

In another promo, his mother is seen telling the nurse, “Commitment in my family is really important.”

Schwer is guaranteed a rose, with Reality Steve reporting he ends the season engaged to Windey.

Windey & Jason Alabaster Dance Together in the Big Easy

Windey heads to the Big Easy for her Hometown Date with Jason Alabaster.

The Bachelorette and the 30-year-old Investment Banker met up in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 26, 2022, Reality Steve reported.

“They were in the French Quarter, walked in front of Jackson Square, & also threw beads off the balcony at the Saints & Sinners bar owned by Channing Tatum,” he tweeted.

The preview for episode 7 sees Windey admitting, “I’m terrified because I know how much I have to lose.”

She then goes on to meet his family. While Alabaster is speaking with his mom, he says, “I’m just trying to stay true to myself.”

His mother, clearly emotional, responds, “That’s important to keep in mind, what it would be like without her. You’re going to make me cry.”

There is a rumor Alabaster self-eliminates in the final two, meaning his rose seems like a lock. While Reality Steve has not been able to confirm the rumor, he did write, “We do have footage of Gabby in Mexico walking away crying and then in an ITM questioning if she can be loved. That could be Jason eliminating himself, but I haven’t gotten that confirmed.”

Johnny DePhillipo Worries About His Readiness for Marriage During Hometown Date

Windey headed to the Sunshine State for her Hometown Date with Johnny DePhillipo. According to pictures obtained by Reality Steve, she reunited with the 25-year-old Realtor on April 28, 2022, at Jupiter Beach Park.

“We do have this really strong connection,” Windey says in a promo. “So, I think speaking with his family will just give me a better grasp with him as a person and kind of where he’s at with his life.”

His mother admitted to being both “excited” and “anxious” to meet Windey. When she asked her son about the 31-year-old, he said, “Oh, she’s amazing. I definitely see myself falling for this girl. But my whole thing is just not being fully there yet. To just be able to drop and get married, that’s like a huge step for me and I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

His mother agreed, “It’s a huge commitment and you don’t take it haphazardly.”

While it is not confirmed he will receive a rose, since he is not among the reported Men Tell All attendees, it seems likely.

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