​​‘The Bachelorette’ 2022 Spoilers for Episode 8: The Men Tell All

Host Jesse Palmer speaks with Bachelorettes Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia

ABC/Craig Sjodin Host Jesse Palmer speaks with Bachelorettes Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia on “The Men Tell All.”

Bachelorettes Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are coming face-to-face with their eliminated contestants on “The Men Tell All.” Who sits in the hot seat? Is there any drama? Which celebrity returns?


Here is what you need to know:

Recchia & Aven Jones Have a ‘Spooky’ Hometown Date

Before “The Men Tell All” gets underway, it is finally time to watch “Aven’s spooky hometown date in Salem, Massachusetts,” according to the episode description. Despite airing last, Reality Steve reported that the date took place on April 23, 2022, making it Recchia’s first hometown date.

In a series of tweets, Reality Steve revealed the pair took “a horse carriage ride in Salem, MA to Crow Haven Corner, which is some sort of witch store” and eventually ended up outside of the local seafood restaurant, Finz.

The 28-year-old Sales Executive is expected to receive a rose, with Reality Steve reporting that he is among Recchia’s final two suitors.

14 Men Return for ‘The Men Tell All’

Fourteen of Windey and Recchia’s suitors will return for “The Men Tell All.” According to the episode description, “Once seated together for the first time since the show premiered, the former suitors kick off the night by addressing the controversies surrounding Hayden [Markowitz] and Chris [Austin], but will either of them show up to atone for their actions?”

Well, according to Reality Steve, that answer is no. As he wrote on his blog, “There were really only two guys this season that caused any drama in the house – Chris and Hayden – and neither of them were at the MTA taping yesterday.”

The men who did appear on the special are:

  • Alec Garza, 27, Wedding Photographer from Houston, Texas
  • Ethan Kang, 27, Advertising Executive from New York, New York
  • Jacob Rapini, 27, Mortgage Broker from Scottsdale, Arizona
  • James “Meatball” Clarke, 35, Meatball Enthusiast from Winnetka, Illinois
  • Jordan Helman, 25, Software Developer from Tampa, Florida
  • Jordan Vandergriff, 27, Drag Racer from Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Logan Palmer, 26, Videographer from San Diego, California
  • Mario Vassall, 31, Personal Trainer from Naperville, Illinois
  • Nate Mitchell, 33, Electrical Engineer from Chicago, Illinois
  • Quincey Williams, 25, Life Coach from Miami, Florida
  • Roby Sobieski, 33, Magician from Los Angeles, California
  • Spencer Swies, 27, Venture Capitalist from Chicago, Illinois
  • Termayne Harper, 28, Crypto Guy from Naperville, Illinois
  • Tyler Norris, 25, Small Business Owner from Wildwood, New Jersey

Nate Mitchell Addresses ‘Accusations’ on the Hot Seat

Nate Mitchell was an early fan favorite on season 19 of “The Bachelorette.” Now the single father is taking the hot seat at “The Men Tell All” and addressing accusations shared by Reality Steve.

In a TikTok posted by Kelsey Fankhauser after the second episode of the season, she wrote, “I cried for a guy who kept his kid a secret from me for 1.5 years when we were dating and I found out on reality tv.”

As she told Reality Steve, with photos and screenshots to back it up, she dated Mitchell for 18 months without ever being told he had a daughter. She also shared messages with other women, purporting the timeline of their relationships are overlapping.

In what Reality Steve is calling an “emotional” exchange, the 33-year-old expressed that his divorce was “messy” and his goal was to “protect his daughter.”

“He did say he could’ve been better at communicating with them, he was still feeling his way into the dating scene, he wants to do better and apologized, but he never says exclusivity conversations took place with either of them,” according to Reality Steve. He added that Fankhauser refutes these claims.

Windey and the other contestants defend Mitchell, with Reality Steve writing, “Gabby defended Nate saying she can only go off how he treated her and it was with nothing but respect.”

In the end, Reality Steve called Mitchell one of the night’s “winners.”

Logan Palmer Takes the Hot Seat

A controversial person this season, Logan Palmer takes the hot seat and discusses his infamous switch from dating Recchia to dating Windey. In the end, he left the show after contracting COVID-19.

Both leading ladies spoke on his decision to switch sides.

“I think everyone who watched saw my reaction and I was obviously hurt because I did keep my heart open,” Recchia said in a promo. Windey added, “The men that I grew a connection with chose sides early.”

The 26-year-old Videographer explained, “Everything that happened with me and you two on the show, I kind of put under the headline of, like, ‘I’m following my heart.’ Which was true.”

Spencer Swies, who pursued Windey, told him, “I mean, Logan switching got two group dates canceled, one with Rachel and then one with Gabby. It did severely, adversely affect the Gabby guys and our relationship strengthening with her.”

From Recchia’s group, Ethan Kang also said, “That was kind of some of our last Hail Mary, our last shot. Like, at what point did you know that you weren’t into Rachel.”

Tyler Norris Takes the Hot Seat

Tyler Norris is one of three men who take the hot seat at “The Men Tell All” taping, according to Reality Steve.

As viewers saw in the last episode, Recchia broke up with the 25-year-old Small Business Owner during the day portion of their hometown date. He was sent to greet his family alone.

When host Jesse Palmer asked Recchia about the breakup, she said in a promo, “I did have the opportunity to see that this morning and it was honestly harder to watch. I really did feel like we’ve always had such a great connection. And after a hometown the night before, I knew the level that I needed to be at that night for him.”

Norris was able to speak his peace.

“But on stage he appreciated her being honest in that moment, and Tyler was very well-liked by the audience,” Reality Steve wrote in his blog, adding that Norris was one of the night’s two “winners.”

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Take the Stage to Promote the Upcoming Season

Victoria Fuller, Genevieve Parisi, Serene Russell and Andrew Spencer take “The Men Tell All” stage to promote the upcoming season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” reports Reality Steve.

The new season is set to premiere on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, with the tagline, “Everyone’s down to flock.”

ABC has announced the starting cast for the season includes:

  • Romeo Alexander of “The Bachelorette” season 18
  • Michael Allio of “The Bachelorette” season 17
  • Shanae Ankney of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Jill Chin of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Brittany Galvin of “The Bachelor” season 25
  • Justin Glaze of “The Bachelorette” season 17
  • Hunter Haag of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Sierra Jackson of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Brandon Jones of “The Bachelorette” season 18
  • Hailey Malles of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Kira Mengistu of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Lace Morris of “The Bachelor” season 20
  • Logan Palmer of “The Bachelorette” season 19
  • Genevieve Parisi of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Jacob Rapini of “The Bachelorette” season 19
  • Serene Russell of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Andrew Spencer of “The Bachelorette” season 17
  • Teddi Wright of “The Bachelor” season 26
  • Casey Woods of “The Bachelorette” season 18

Billy Eichner & Luke MacFarlane Promote Their Film ‘Bros’

The Men Tell All

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Before “The Men Tell All” is over, Palmer “welcome[s] the stars of Universal Pictures’ ‘Bros,’ Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane, to the stage to join in on the action.”

Reality Star revealed on his blog, “And they touched on the time that Billy hosted one of Colton’s group dates and made reference to maybe him being gay, which became somewhat of an iconic clip once Colton did come out.”

As Bachelor Nation fans will recall, Eichner told then-Bachelor Colton Underwood, “Maybe you’re the first gay Bachelor and we don’t even know.”

A Night 1 Elimination Causes Drama & ‘Meatball’ Gets Covered in Sauce

In true Bachelor Nation fashion, the night is not without its drama.

Roby Sobieski, the magician who was eliminated on the first night, “ran his mouth a lot and the guys were like, ‘WTF, you were here for one night.’ Stuff like calling them out for how they acted on group dates, etc,” reported Reality Steve.

In other odd moments, James “Meatball” Clarke gets covered in sauce while the audience holds meatball sandwiches; someone is dressed as the famous Sylvester Stallone character Rambo and a video of “Do’s and Don’t(s) of Dating” plays.

A new trailer also airs, “insinuating that Gabby had left already,” according to Reality Steve. However, he is reporting she ends the season engaged to Erich Schwer.

The Audience Receives a Free Cruise

Jesse Palmer

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The preview for “The Men Tell All” shows Palmer declaring, “This news is about to change your lives forever.”

Well, Reality Steve revealed that the big surprise is that everyone in attendance “got a free Virgin Voyager cruise.”

“That’s why they all had champagne glasses and bubbles were filling the room,” he continues. “Great gift, but there were two caveats: 1) it has to be taken by the end of this year and 2) the cruise only leaves out of Miami or Barcelona.”

“The Men Tell All” special airs on Monday, August 29, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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